Monday, February 14, 2005

Too early in the season to be this emotional about the music

But I'm really, really excited about the show after Sunday's performance. The Tender Land, The Red Pony, and then there's 'Til There Was You.

Oh my. To paraphrase "Yoda" from Saturday night's ensemble: We're gonna build the audience to an emotional peak, and then we're going to NICELY rip their faces off. Nicely, because we're those kids from the cornfields, from the HOTland. (Which, I guess, is the up-East way of saying Heartland.)

There were reports of goosebumps in the audience during Sunday's show. A heartfelt standing ovation at the end. And this kind of response from showgoers about 'Til There Was You: "I was not going to cry. They weren't going to make me cry this early in the season." This bunch of kids are going to make people cry. And laugh. And jump out of thier seats. And they're going to do it early in the season.

The guard was great. An entertaining winter-guard-type four-minute show that featured dance, flags, and sabres. All put together in just a day and a half. Wow and wow! Really interesting guardwork and design with some really subtle touches. Great job.

Great camp overall. Thanks to everyone. The drumline even got outside for a while on Saturday -- in February!

Oh yeah. Greg made announcements about drum major selection. But I'm not going to spill the beans here. Anyway, that would unofficial. Check for the official word.



Dana said...

well you didn't ask yet but i'd like to say that my favorite meal of the weekend was saturday morning's AMAZING WAFFLES They were truly superb. thanks for all your help this weekend everybody!!!!

Anonymous said...


You made my day...Bruce and John worked hard on perfecting those waffles - and it paid off.

What a great much help and so many things getting accomplished. Thanks to everyone.

The dog and pony show on Sunday was fantastic...I enjoyed the awesome color guard routine (it still amazes me they can learn a 4 minute show in such a short amt. of time) and this year's music is to die for. The chills go up and down the spine quite a few times, especially during "Till there was you"....

Happy Valentines Day everyone..

I can't wait to return in June to tour with the Colts and see all the wonderful things that have been accomplished.

Jody Glowaski