Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's not too late to sign up for tour!

We really need your help! Please contact Bill at to get your name on the schedule! You'll be so glad you did!!!

Photo by Rod R.
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Debut camp info at

Lots of information about April camp has been posted at Read it all because there's surely something there you need to get done before Friday (or before summer). Car wash information, new stuff about uniform parts, volunteer signups, and lots more included.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New cook calendar

There's a newly updated cook calendar posted. Click on the link in the right sidebar to download it to your desktop. You'll see that there are still LOTS of holes to fill to make up the cooktruck crews for the summer.

There's a special need for head cooks in June. Please contact Bill at to get your name on the list. We are getting really close to tour now and it is not a good thing to start out on the road without a full cook roster.

Don't make me beg.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

New galleries

Two new galleries to look at today. One by Paul R. and one by Rod R. (no relation). Lots of good stuff there so enjoy!

These galleries have been inspected and are guaranteed 100 percent uniform free.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Drill camp photos posted

Photo by Lisa P.
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Lisa has sent in a whole bunch of photos from drill camp in Sterling. (There's a link to her gallery in the right sidebar or click here.) Rod promises to post all his, and I've had other offers to send me photos on disk. Bring 'em on!

(At this rate, you guys don't need me to take pictures anymore.)

Thanks to everyone!

UPDATE: Some pictures in the gallery were removed pending an official announcement.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lori's camp report

Lori has sent in the menu and her report from camp. Now let's hear from the rest of you!

Drill Camp Menu
Friday Snack
Nachos w/cheese
Saturday Breakfast
French toast
Sausage patties
Saturday lunch
Pulled pork sandwich
Au gratin Potatoes
Green beans
Tropical fruit
Saturday supper
Beef stew
lettuce salad
Saturday snack
Sub sandwich
Must Goes
Sunday breakfast
Scrabbled eggs
Sunday Lunch
Veggies and Dip

The Report:
The Colts worked through a whole lot of drill pages. I think I heard some of them same over 40 pages.
They also had the chance to see the new uniform style. There is still a few changes on the uniform to be done.
It was a great camp and the kids seemed to be ready to take on the new season.
Cook crew had a pretty light work schedule due the lack of proper equipment.
Sewing crew worked on sizing uniform pants, mini flags, practice flags, and such
Jean Scott was working on the show flags
Building crew worked on storage cases for the steel drums and other projects.
With the free time the volunteers had they managed to have a quick game of volleyball. (what fun and no one passed out or had to be taken to the hospital..........)
I'm sure you will get many more responses to how great the camp went.
LOTS of FUN had by all.
Take Care,

Send me a camp report, please

Hey, since we couldn't make it to drill camp, you all need to send me your own camp reports so I can post. I have the weekend schedule (thanks Mike) and am posting that, but you guys need to give me menus and other details.

Sterling Camp Schedule 2007

8:00 PM Move in equipment
• Semi will be parked at building 3
• Musical equipment to indoor field in building 1 (main building)
• Food to building 3 concession stand
• Personal items to multi-purpose room in main building (building 1)
• Uniform fitting & sewing will be in building 3

**Field marking crew- start marking field w/blue painting tape on indoor field- full field.

8:30 PM REGISTRATION (in main building near multi-purpose room).

9:30 PM Visual in main building indoor field

11:30 PM Snack (in building 3)

12:30 AM Lights out

• Sleeping area in multi-purpose room
• Staff upstairs room above multi-purpose room
• Volunteers—anywhere in building 1

8:00 AM Wake/eat (Please roll up your sleeping bags and place with your stuff along one wall of room)

9:00 AM Cals- Indoor field

9:45 AM Sectionals

12:00 Lunch

1:00 PM Sectionals

2:00 PM Visual- indoor field

5:00 PM Dinner- building 3

6:00 PM Meeting for everyone- indoor field

6:30 PM Visual

10:00 PM Snack in building 3
11:00 PM Lights out


8:00 AM Wake/eat (Roll up bags and move as much of your personal belongings to your vehicles as possible. If you did not drive just place belongings against wall).

9:00 AM Cals.- indoor field

9:45 AM Sectionals- indoor field

10:45 AM Visual

11:30 AM March and play

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Visual ensemble on indoor field

2:45 PM Final run through of show

3:00 PM Final meetings, announcements

3:15 PM – 4:00 PM Clean, pack, load

Next rehearsal is April 27-29 in Dubuque. Debut weekend!