Saturday, July 31, 2004

Schedule & Cooks

Times listed below in Indianapolis is the same as Central Daylight Time because Indy does not go to daylight savings.

6:00 Wake and eat cereal
6:30 Warm up
7:20 Run thru
7:45 Breakfast, pack and load
9:15 Leave for show site
11:00 Arrive at show site
1:08 Step off
2:00 Snack
4:43 Drum Major only retreat
5:00 Dinner

Charlotte Wolff, Olaf Nahon
David Speer, Jim Johnson
Dan Knopoff, Marie Reidelbach
Carol Osborne, David Arns

Jim Johnson and David Arns leave after the show tonight. Thanks for your time caring and feeding the Colts!

Big show tonight

It’s a
show day in Indianapolis, IN

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Schedule & Cooks

Arrived in Kokomo, IN about 8:00 EST.  Indianapolis is on Standard Eastern Time, not Daylight.  This means that the time in Indy, is the same as Central Daylight Time. 
9:15    Wake 
9:30    Calisthenics 
10:00  Breakfast (French toast; bacon; banana; cereal; PB & J) 
11:00  Sectionals
1:30    Lunch
2:30    Visual 
6:00    Dinner
7:00    Ensemble
10:00  Snack
11:00  Lights out
6:00 am Wake up on Saturday
Charlotte Wolff   Olaf Nahon
David Speer        Jim Johnson
Dan Knopoff        Marie Reidelbach
Carol Osborne     David Arns
Cooks are extra busy today with a SYSCO food drop.

Kokomo is housing site

It’s a
rehearsal day in Indianapolis, IN

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Schedule & Cooks

Arrived in Murray, KY about 6:30 CDT.  Colts are in Central Time Zone.

9:15    Wake
9:30    Calisthenics
10:00  Breakfast (Egg bake-with or without ham, hashbrowns, toasted english muffin, blueberry pancakes, cereal, PB & J)
11:00  Visual
12:40  Sectionals/warm up
1:40    Ensemble
3:10    Run thru
3:30    Lunch, pack and load (Hamburgers, pasta salad with veggies, fruit salad, dessert-carrot cake, peach cobbler or blueberry bar, PB & J)
5:15    Depart for show site 
7:27    Step off
?:??     Dinner, after show (Beef stroganoff, broccoli, jello, coffee brownie, PB & J)

Charlotte Wolff   Olaf Nahon
David Speer        Jim Johnson
Dan Knopoff        Marie Reidelbach
Carol Osborne     David Arns

Kentucky today

It’s a
show day in Murray, KY

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Some menus

Welcome back Bill. I recently got the rest of the menus for today

Potato Barrels (tatertots to us civilians)
Blueberry bars

Chinese chicken
Peach Crisp

The ever popular Mozza buns


Arrived in Ohio about 7:30.  Kids got just less than 1 hour down time.
8:45    Wake
9:00    Calisthenics
9:30    Breakfast (Blueberry or chocalate chip muffin, sausage or ham, cereal, PB & J)
10:30  Sectionals - Guard and Percussion; Laundry - Brass
1:30    Lunch - all
2:30    Visual - Brass; Laundry - Guard and Percussion
4:30    Warmup - Brass
5:30    Dinner - all
6:30    Sectionals
7:15    Full Ensemble
8:30    Run thru (time is approximate based upon darkness)
9:00    Snack, pack and load
10:30  Leave
Travel time to Murray, KY (central time zone) is about 8 hours.
Charlotte Wolff  Olaf Nahon
David Speer       Jim Johnson 
Dan Knopoff       Marie Reidelbach

Carol Osborne    David Arns

Rehearsal Day in London, Ohio just outside of Columbus

It’s a
rehearsal day in London, OH

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Greetings from show day in New York

The corps arrived this morning at 6 am. They had a wonderful run through of the show the night before. A "successful" Wal-Mart trip was had by all this morning after leaving Ohio.

9:45Wake up
10:45Breakfast (blueberry pancakes, sausage, bagels) Served inside--rain
11:15 Visual
Colorguard rehearsing in a field a block away
12:45 Warm up Percussion on field
1:45 Full ensemble
3:25 Run Show
3:45 Lunch (chicken or beef tamale squares, refried beans,corn bread, dessert bars), pack, load
5:30 Depart
7:37 Step off
9:45 Dinner (turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting)

406 miles to next housing stop
Madison-Plains High School
800 Linson
London, Ohio

The corps is housing in Almond, NY

It’s a
show day in Hornell, NY

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Report from Ohio

Here's a partial menu overview and the schedule for today.

8 Breakfast (cinnamon rolls)
9 Visuals
12:30 Lunch (grilled cheese, soup, jell-o) It's dreary in Ohio today
1:30 Sectionals
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Full ensemble
8:30 Run through
8:45 Snack, pack, load
10:15 Depart for New York

Rehearsal Day

It’s a
rehearsal day in Massillon, OH

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Cooks, cookies, and celebration

The corps pulled in late to Ohio, or early depending on your perspective. Anyway it was 8:30 in the morning when they got there. So three meals only today.

10 Cals
10:30 Breakfast
11:30 Visuals
12:30 Sectionals/warm-ups
1:30 Ensemble
3:25 Run the show
3:45 Dinner, pack, load
5:15 Leave for show
7:34 Step off

Egg casserole
Cinnamon toast cake

Cheesy potatoes
Cole slaw
Banana cake

Sloppy Joes
Brownie with ice cream

Happy Birthday Travis! Snack dessert provided by mom and dad--thanks Bill and Luba!

Attention parents--Anyone attending Indianapolis or Ankeny is urged to bring cookies. After the avalanche earlier in the season, cookies have run out. Remember that's 2 per person which is 320.

Apparently everyone had a good free day in Washington DC.

After the downpour in Allentown, Kathleen is washing uniform pants before the show tonight. Thanks Kathleen!

Show day

It’s a
show day in Massillon, OH

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Comments and Cooks

I leave for Boy Scout camp with my Troop this morning, so David's wife, Jody, will be posting the schedule today, Monday and Tuesday.  I'll return to my duties on Wednesday.

Marlin Rowland     Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski      David Speer
Jim Johnson         Jim Rowland
Charlotte Wolff    Dan Knopoff
Marie Reidelbach  Carol Osborne
  • Jody, Marlin and Jim Rowland are leaving tour tonight.  This is the end of their second tour this summer.  Very glad you had the time to volunteer as cooks for our kids!
  • David Arns arrives today on tour.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


A lot of the members thought they had their best show yet last night.  The staff seemed to agree and praised the Corps.  Great job Colts - keep up the progress!  On to Indy.
The Colts arrived at about 6:40.  The kids got an hour down time.
8:00    Wake
8:15    Calisthenics
8:45    Breakfast (French toast, bananas, cereal, PB & J)
9:45    Warm up
10:45  Ensemble
11:45  Run thru
12:00  Lunch, pack and load
1:30    Leave for Washington, D.C. - free time until 11:30
Marlin Rowland   Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski    David Speer
Shari Holdforth   Jim Johnson
Jim Rowland      Charlotte Wolff
Dan Knopoff

  • Dan and Charlotte were finally able to get out of Chicago, and arrived yesterday.
  • Shari is leaving the tour this afternoon.  Thanks for all of your hard work!!
  • Marie Reidelbach and Carol Osborne arrive today to start tour.

Free day

It’s a
free day in Washington DC.

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Friday, July 23, 2004

The Game Continues

The editing of the menu on the white board by the kids continues to be a popular game.  At times, this can delay the feeding of the kids because the menu is no longer recognizable or even exists.  The menu was moved to the upper reaches of the white board to the left of the serving area, but this caused problems because no one knew where to find it.
In an effort to allow creative expression, without interfering with the food line, the menu returned to the right side with the following note across the bottom of the board:
Feel free to create unique new sentences, but please keep the line moving and leave the menu alone.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Signed - The Board Nazis and Cooks


6:45    Wake up
7:00    Calisthenics
7:30    Breakfast (Coffee cake, sausage patty, PB & J)
8:30    Visual
11:30  Lunch (Ravioli, salad, Italian breadsticks, Little Debbie cakes, PB & J)
12:15  Sectionals
1:30    Ensemble
3:25    Run thru
3:45    Dinner, pack and load (chicken, rice, creamed corn, rolls, cherry crisp or upside down pineapple cake, PB & J)
5:30    Depart for show
8:25    Step off
After show  Snack and Mail (pizza)
Marlin Rowland   Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski    David Speer
Shari Holdforth   Jim Johnson
Jim Rowland
Charlotte Wolff and Dan Knopoff were scheduled to arrive last night from Chicago to join the tour as cooks.  Their flight was cancelled, so they will be arriving sometime today.
Even though the kids were tired from a full day of rehearsal, the new parts of Old Man River and the changes to the closer were performed with enthusiasm during last nights run thru.  They need to be cleaned, but it sounds like they will be in tonight's show.  The cooks think Old Man River will really be a crowd pleaser and are very impressed with the closer.

Big show in Allentown

It’s a
show day in Allentown, PA

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Colts arrived about 7:15.  Because the AC on Twit wasn't working, the kids had a long, hot ride last night.  The staff bus has a "cranky" transmission.  The souvie truck had a blowout.  All are already at the repair shop.

Kitchen cabinet update:  When the cook truck was opened this morning, the bread cabinet had come off the wall and was smashed into a thousand pieces.  After assessing the damage, a small ceremony was held over the remains and the proper burial it deserved was performed.
8:45    Wake up
9:00    Calisthenics
9:30    Breakfast (breakfast-on-a-stick, fresh melons or peaches, cereal, PB & J - breakfast-on-a-stick is a pancake wrapped sausage on a stick)
10:30  Visual
1:00    Lunch (Butt chops-actually ribbettes, tater tots, peas & carrots, chocolate or vanilla pudding cups, PB & J)
1:45    Sectionals
3:30    Horns and percussion are marching and playing; guard is in sectionals
5:30    Dinner (Meat and bean tostadas, pineapple upside-down cake, PB & J)
6:30    Full ensemble 'til dark
Marlin Rowland   Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski    David Speer
Shari Holdforth   Jim Johnson
Jim Rowland

Rehearsal Day

It’s a
rehearsal day in Perkasie, PA

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Schedule, Menus & Cooks

7:30    Wake up (kids got 8 hours down time)
7:45    Calisthenics
8:15    Breakfast (scrambled eggs with ham, hashbrowns, and waffle dipping sticks)
9:15    Sectionals (brass marched by the cook truck practicing their basic scales; back to the basics to build a solid foundation)
12:15  Lunch (hot dogs, mac & cheese, baked beans, and jello)
1:15    Visual (new ending to the closer being put in)
5:00    Supper - dinner in the midwest (meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and chocalate cake)
6:00    Ensemble until dark
9:00    Snack (pretzel with cheese)
?:??     Depart
Estimated arrival time on Thursday in Perkasie, PA of 7:00 am.
Marlin Rowland   Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski     David Speer
Shari Holdforth   Jim Johnson
Jim Rowland
While letting the other cooks sleep in late, Marlin, Jim and David did final preparations for breakfast.
Thanks Marlin, Jim and David - from the other cooks and all of us parents!!

Another day in Virginia

It’s a
rehearsal day in Chesapeake, VA

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Chesapeake Addendum - Day 1

The Allentown housing has changed.  Here is the new housing:
South Middle School (possibly Pennridge South Middle School)
610 South 5th Street
Perkasie, PA  18944
Phone (I believe): 215-257-0467


Quote of the day:  Asked of the cooks by a visitor,
"Are you a carnival?"


Arrived around 8:00, so the kids got about an hour of down time.
9:30   Wake
9:45   Calisthenics
10:15  Breakfast (blueberry, lemon or poppyseed muffins, bacon, cereal, etc.)
11:15  Visual
1:00   Warmup
1:30   Ensemble
2:55   Run thru
3:30   Lunch (Pork or Beef pattie, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits-honey butter available, fruit cup, PB & J; drinks were Happy Sour Face and Sweet Strawberry Grape Passion) 
SPECIAL NOTE:  Mashed potatoes were in the steamers so "HOT" signs were required.  Some kids still leaned on the steamers!
5:00   Leave for show site
7:10   Step off
10:15  Approximate time of dinner
Marlin Rowland   Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski    David Speer
Shari Holdforth  Jim Johnson
Jim Rowland

Marching in Virginia

It’s a
show day in Chesapeake, VA

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Schedule for Spartanburg, SC

Due to itinerary changes after David left for tour, the Colts are actually in Roebuck, SC (near Spartanburg) today.  Here is a link for the weather in Spartanburg, SC.

6:30   Arrived from Alabama
8:15   Wake
8:30   Cals
9:00   Breakfast (waffles with syrup or blueberry sauce, sausage links, leftover egg dish)
10:00 Visual
1:45   Lunch (Filet o' fish sandwiches with cheese, french fries, leftover pasta salad, apples & bananas)
2:45   Sectionals
6:00   Dinner (Spaghetti with meat sauce, lettuce salad, garlic bread, lemon bars)
7:00   Ensemble
10:00 Snack, pack and load
11:30 Leave for Chesapeake, VA
Marlin Rowland   Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski    David Speer
Shari Holdforth  Jim Johnson
Jim Rowland
I incorrectly had Shari listed as Lori in previous posts.  I apologize for the error - Bill 

Colts move east

It’s a
rehearsal day in Georgia

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Menus and more from Alabama

Colts got to bed around 1, not the promised 2 due to some rain. They did march the new Threshers before turning in. So, today did start a little later.

9 Wake
9:15 Cals
9:45 Breakfast
10:45 Visuals
11:45 Sectionals
12:30 Snack
12:45 Ensemble
2:55 Run Show
3:15 Lunch, pack, load
5 Depart for show site (about 30 minutes away)



Sausage Links


Little Debbie snackcakes (provided by mom of a staff member)
Various sweets


Sub sandwiches
Macaroni Salad


Oven fried chicken
Green bean casserole
Twice baked potatoes
Peach dump cake

Cooks today

Barry David
Jody Kathleen
Olaf Sheri

Sue and Barry are leaving tonight. Marlin and Jim are joining the tour. Harrison will also come and travel for a time.

Another Show Day

It’s a
show day in Jacksonville, AL

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Further from Alabama

The Colts are indeed in the Central time zone by about 30 minutes. Who knew? Apparently the show last night was really good, even causing some comment to staff from the judges about how good they had gotten to be.

Lunch today was:

Potato Salad
Dessert was "various things" Sweet must go

Dinner will be:
Chicken Noodle bake

Lights out at 2:30.


I had to look it up because I didn't believe it either, but Alabama is in the Central Time Zone.
12:00  Lunch (hamburger, potato salad, chips, leftover muffins or cake)
1:00  Leave for laundry
5:30  Dinner
6:30  Sectionals
8:30  Full Ensemble
10:30  Snack
11:00  Learn Threshers changes
1:50  Run thru of Threshers (yes, 1:50 a.m.)
2:30  Lights out (looking forward to a full 7 hours of down time)
Barry Magee      Olaf Nahon
Jody Glowaski    David Speer 
Shari Holdforth  Sue Harris

Many of the kids thought last night's show was their best yet.  They are really excited about learning the changes for Threshers and practicing until 2:00 a.m.

Loooong bus ride to Alabama

It’s a
rehearsal day in Jacksonville, AL

Weather forecast for

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Friday, July 16, 2004


A shopping run was made last night.  Due to the dislike of the Orlando water, large quantities of gallon jugs of spring water were purchased by the kids.  Also, a number of boxes of their favorite cereals were also bought.
7:00   Wake
7:15   Cals
7:45   Breakfast (cheesy eggs, french toast or pancakes or cinnamon rolls)

8:45   Visual
10:30  Warmup/Sectionals
11:30  Snack
12:15  Ensemble
2:25   Run thru
2:45   Lunch, pack and load
4:30   Depart for show
7:17   Step off
8:00   Dinner
10:44  Finale
11:30  Snack
12:30  Leave for Jacksonville, AL - estimated arrival time 11:30 am on Saturday
Barry Magee     Bev Mattingly
Lori Connolly   Sue Harris
Olaf Nahon      Jody Glowaski

Jeff Quisberg   Laura Quisberg
David Speer     Shari Holdforth
David and Shari will arrive on tour in early afternoon.
Bev, Lori, Jeff and Laura will leave tour after tonight's show.  Much appreciation to all 4 for volunteering to feed the Corps.
The cooks will very busy today.  In addition to serving 5 meals, there is a SYSCO food drop taking place. 

Colts in Casselbury, Florida

It’s a show day in Orlando, FL

Weather forecast for Orlando

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


9:45 Wake
10:00 Cals
10:30 Breakfast (baked french toast, fruit and bacon)
11:30 Visual
2:30 Lunch
3:15 Sectionals
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Full ensemble - ending time is unknown at this time; trying to get into a stadium for the evening.

Barry Magee - Head Cook
Bev Mattingly
Lori Connolly
Sue Harris
Olaf Nahon
Jeff Quisberg
Laura Quisberg
Jody Glowaski arrived this morning.
Lauren Ripley is leaving tour at noon - thanks for cooking!

Rehearsal day in Orlando

It’s a rehearsal day in Orlando, FL

Weather forecast for Orlando

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Free day info, schedule and cooks

Colts went to Isle of Palms near Charleston, SC last night for free time. Report was that the kids enjoyed the scenery, playing in the ocean, building sandcastles, doing some shopping, and (of course) eating. Returned to housing site late, so only had about 5 - 6 hours down time.

7:00 Wake
7:15 Cals
7:45 Breakfast (cheesy eggs, cinnamon rolls and hashbrowns)
8:40 Corps meeting (Greg is on tour)
8:55 Visual (if you believe that Greg will be done in 15 minutes, call me - I've got your prescription -> Bill)
11:00 Lunch
12:00 Warm up
1:00 Ensemble
2:55 Run thru
3:15 Dinner, pack and load
5:00 Leave for show site

Barry Magee - head
Bev Mattingly
Lori Connolly
Lauren Ripley
Sue Harris
Olaf Nahon
Jeff Quisberg
Laura Quisberg

Photos from Dubuque at

Photos from the day in Dubuque for Music on the March are at

Show day in Columbia

It’s a show day in Columbia, SC.

Weather forecast for Columbia

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Arrived at 11:00 a.m. (arrived 2 hours late, so no down time for kids or cooks)
11:30 Cals
12:00 Breakfast (1st meal) - pancakes & sausage
1:00 Warmup and sectionals
1:45 Ensemble
4:30 Dinner (2nd meal)
5:30 Leave for beach
7:00 Arrive at beach (not sure which one)
10:30 Leave for return to housing site
12:00 Lights out
Wednesday, 7/14 7:00 a.m. Wake up (tentative)

All times EDT.

Barry Magee - Head
Bev Mattingly
Lori Connolly
Lauren Ripley
Sue Harris
Olaf Nahon
Jeff Quisberg
Laura Quisberg

Free Day on Myrtle Beach

Actually, it's a free night on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Weather forecast for Lexington, SC, housing site

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Schedule & Cooks in Huntington, WV

9:15 Wake up
9:30 Cals
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Sectionals
12:00 Ensemble
2:40 Run thru
3:00 Dinner
4:45 Leave for show site
8:14 Step off

Barry - head cook
Bev Mattingly
Lori Connolly
Lauren Ripley
Sue Harris
Olaf Nahon
Jeff Quisberg
Laura Quisberg

Show day in Huntington

It's a show day in Huntington, WV.

Weather forecast for Huntington

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Report from Harrison

Head cook Barry Magee called in menus for the first part of the day.

Barry says: "It's a great day. We arrived in the rain, but it stopped before the kids got up."

Barry started things off with a bang this morning at breakfast with homemade cheese blintzes that Barry and his mom made at home and froze. Yum.

The second meal of the day (Dinner?) was:
Ham and sweet potato casserole
Mac and cheese
Peas and carrots
Peanut butter pie

Arrived at 8:30 a.m.
9:45 Wake
10 Cals
10:30 Breakfast
11 Vis
12:30 Sectionals
1:30 Ensemble
3 "Dinner," pack and load
90 minutes or so to show site
8:26 (Eastern daylight time) step off

Thanks, Bill, for the schedule. Bill and Luba were headed back home to Minnesota on Sunday when he called in. "It was tough last night, for us, leaving everybody," Bill says.

In case you don't know, Olaf who is from Holland and marched Colts in 1988, is traveling for a couple of weeks with the corps, helping out on the cooktruck. "Olaf is wonderful," Bill says. "Really a cool guy. Plus, he's 6-foot-7 so we don't need a stepladder anymore."

For the Record: Kalamazoo

This is an update from SATURDAY -- not today. Don't know about updates this week because my trusty correspondent Bill and his lovely wife Luba have departed tour for some well deserved rest. Thanks, Bill! I think Suzanne got off the bus in Michigan too. Thanks, Suze! Thanks everybody who's helping! Thanks to Robin for her update yesterday while I was away from the computer.

But before he left, Bill called in this report from Kalamazoo, which I post for the record.

Somebody call me this week! I'll be in Orlando on Friday, so I can call home or Bill. Thanks!

Saturday's menus

Pancake wraps
Leftover breakfast stuff: pancakes, eggs, etc.

Brats and dogs
Baked beans
LOs (leftovers)

Bread sticks

Ice cream floats

Saturday's schedule
7:30 Wake (8 hours good floor time. No sleeping on the bus. Slept in hallways because the gym was under construction, but at least the hallways weren't moving....)
7:45 Cals
8:15 Breakfast
9 Vis
11 Lunch
12 Warmup
1:15 Ensemble
2:10 Run show
3:30 Dinner, pack and load
5:15 Depart
7:25 Step off

Show day in Harrison

It's a show day in Harrison, OH.

Weather forecast for Harrison

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Any update will be late

Hi all.

I'm out and away from the computer in Chicago today so any updates won't come 'til late. If anyone else hears news, share with everyone by posting a comment to this message.

I'll check when we're back tonight!


Show day in Kalamazoo

It's a show day in Kalamazoo, MI.

Weather forecast for Kalamazoo

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Friday, July 09, 2004

The Portage Report

(Bill comes through again....)

The first order of business is a great big Colt THANK YOU to the family of C.J. Howard. The family bought groceries (milk, break, misc.) for the corps on Thursday. Thanks to the Howards and everyone else who has brought or bought stuff.

Aren't Colt parents great?

Bill said the kids were real happy with the score from Rockford, so that's cool.

Now, to the usual stuff:

Got in to Portage about 8, so the kids got about an hour and a half of down time. Cooks got none. But cooks are tough.

Today's schedule
9:30 Wake
9:45 Cals
10:15 Breakfast
11 Vis
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Sectionals
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Warmup
7 Ensemble
8:40 Show run
9 Snack, pack and load
10:30 Depart (10 minute drive to new housing site)
11 Lights out

Bill says:
The good news is the new housing site is only 10 minutes away.
The bad news is we have to pack up and then unload when we get there.

Maybe the cooks will get some real downtime, though. Rest well!

Egg casserole
Banana-nut muffins

Taco salad
Hash browns (I hope Jeff is doing them on the griddle. He's got a really good way to do that)
Mixed fruit

Pork chops
Mashed potatoes ("We're gonna do gravy, this time," Bill says. Whatever that means.....)
Brownies with ice cream

Chicken nuggets
and whatever leftover sweets we can find

I hear the crowd was on its feet for the Colts in Rockford

Score: 70-point-something.

Forget it. The crowd was on its feet for the hold at the end of Old Man River and was up again before the corps had even finished the finale. As one vet baritone player told me on the phone last night before the score was even announced: "Forget the number. The crowd's reaction tonight is what it's all about."

The corps (at least the part of it I heard from) has a great attitude. They're working hard and playing and spinning their heads off. As the bari player said, "that's what it's all about."

p.s. Note I even got the time zone right today!

Oops. The phonemail light is on my phone. Maybe they've called from the cooktruck. Darn! Gotta go to a meeting. More later, I'm sure.

Rehearsal day in Portage, MI

It's a rehearsal day in Portage, MI.

Weather forecast for Portage

The Colts are in the Eastern time zone.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Update from Rockford

(I'm slow today, not the cooks on the cooktruck)

Got in to Rockford about 7 a.m. Left Minnesota about an hour late because they had to get a replacement truck for the leased one that Frank was driving (the one pulling the equipment trailer) The good news was that the replacement was only a little ways away in Albert Lee, MN.

Some consternation about leaving late, but nobody was stranded on the road.

Today's Menus
Canteloupe and bananas

Corn dogs
Pasta salad

Italian chicken breasts
Scalloped potatoes
Green beans
Sarah Cousins' famous brownies

Snack (with the Colt Cadets)
Pretzels with cheese sauce
possibly with leftover watermelon

9 Wake
9:15 Cals
9:45 Breakfast
10:30 Vis
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Sectionals
3 Ensemble
4:55 Runthrough
5:15 Dinner, pack and load
7 Depart for show site
7:30 Arrive at show site
9:27 Step off


Sue P.
(hey, I know all these people......)

Housing site update

The address on the itinerary for today's housing site is correct, but the name of the high school is wrong. (I just put up what Ibe sends me.....) The corps is not at Boylan High School, which is the show site, they are at Christian Life High School in Rockford.

Sorry for any confusion.

Show day in Rockford

It's a show day in Rockford, IL.

Weather forecast for Rockford

The Colts are in the Central time zone.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Tour schedule - part 2 addendum

Tuesday, July 6 Stillwater, MN DCI Contest
Arrive: 6:00 a.m.

Housing Site: New Richmond Middle School
421 South Green Avenue
New Richmond, WI 54017
MTS: 20, TTS: 45

Show Site: Stillwater Area Senior High School
5701 Stillwater Boulevard

Show Start Time: 7:00 p.m.

Corps: Chips Inc., Sr, Americanos, Blue Stars, Pioneer, Minnesota Brass, Sr.,
COLTS 8:41 p.m., Scouts, Regiment

Ticket Info: 651.430.2306;

Depart: 11:00 p.m. Travel to New Richland, MN: 115 miles

Wednesday, July 7 New Richland, MN Rehearsal Day/Laundry
Arrive: 2:00 a.m.

Housing Site: New Richland High School
South Ashe Avenue
New Richland, MN 56072

Depart: 10:30 p.m. Travel to Rockford, IL: 345 miles

Thursday, July 8 Rockford, IL DCI Contest
Arrive: 6:30 a.m.

Housing Site: Boylan High School
5950 Spring Creek Road
Rockford, IL 61114
MTS: 7, TTS: 20

Show Site: Boylan Catholic Central HS
4000 St. Francis Drive
Rockford, IL 61103

Show Start Time: 7:30 p.m.

Corps: Bandettes, Americanos, Colt Cadets, Memphis Sound, Pioneer, COLTS 9:27 p.m., Madison Scouts, Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment

Ticket Info: 815.540.9737;

Depart: 11:15 p.m. Travel to Portage, MI: 240 miles

Friday, July 9 Portage, MI Rehearsal Day
Arrive: 4:30 a.m.

Housing Site: Portage Central High School
8135 South Westnedge
Portage, MI 49002

Depart: 10:30 p.m. Travel to Kalamazoo, MI: 10 miles

**** MAIL DROP ****
Hold for Colts Drum & Bugle Corps
(Member Name)
General Delivery
Plainwell, MI 49080

Saturday, July 10 Kalamazoo, MI DCI Contest
Arrive: 11:00 p.m.

Housing Site: Kalamazoo Christian High School
2121 Stadium Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
MTS: 1, TTS: 15

Show Site: WMU Waldo Stadium
1903 W. Michigan Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Show Start Time: 6:00 p.m.

Corps: Americanos, Marion Cadets, Colt Cadets, Memphis Sound, Kiwanis Kavaliers, COLTS 7:25 p.m., Glassmen, Carolina Crown, Spirt from JSU, Madison Scouts, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment, Boston Crusaders, Blue Devils

Ticket Info: 800.495.SHOW x3;

Depart: 12:15 a.m. Travel to Harrison, OH: 340 miles

Sunday, July 11 Harrison, OH DCI Contest
Arrive: 7:30 a.m.

Housing Site: Grant County HS Show Site: Harrison High School
715 Warsaw Road 9860 West Road
Dry Ridge, KY 41035 Harrison, OH 45030
MTS: 56, TTS: 90

Show Start Time: 7:30 p.m.

Corps: Cincinnati Tradition, Sr., Marion Cadets, Kiwanis Kavaliers, COLTS 8:26 p.m., Carolina Crown, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment

Depart: 11:45 p.m. Travel to Huntington, WV: 220 miles

Monday, July 12 Huntington, WV DCI Contest
Arrive: 4:30 a.m.

Housing Site: Spring Valley High School, 1Timberwolfe Drive, Huntington, WV 25704
MTS: 12, TTS: 30

Show Site: Marshall University Stadium, Huntington, WV

Show Start Time: 7:30 p.m.

Corps: Marion Glory Cadets, Kiwanis Kavaliers, COLTS 8:14 p.m., Carolina Crown, Madison Scouts, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment

Ticket Info: 800.495 SHOW x3;

Depart: 11:45 a.m. Travel to Columbia, SC: 420 miles

Tuesday, July 13 Columbia, SC Rehearsal/Free
Arrive: 8:30 a.m.

Housing Site: White Knoll High School Free Night: Myrtle Beach
5643 Platt Springs Road
Lexintgon, SC 29073

Wednesday, July 14 Columbia, SC DCI Contest

Housing Site: Same, MTS: 20, TTS: 45

Show Site: W.C. Hawkins Sadium, Irmo High School
6671 St. Andrews Road
Columbia, SC 29212

Show Start Time: 7:00 p.m.

Corps: Marion Glory Cadets, Kiwanis Kavaliers, COLTS 7:44 p.m., Carolina Crown, Madison Scouts, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment

Ticket Info: 803.936.1746;

Depart: 11:15 p.m. Travel to Orlando, FL: 435 miles

Thursday, July 15 Orlando, FL Rehearsal Day
Arrive: 8:00 a.m.

Housing Site: South Seminole Middle School, 101 South Winter Park Drive
Casselbury, FL 32707

Friday, July 16 Orlando, FL DCI Contest

Housing Site: Same, MTS: 15, TTS: 30

Show Site: Florida Citrus Bowl
1610 West Church Street
Orlando, FL 32805

Show Start Time: 7:00 p.m.

Corps: Teal Sound, COLTS 7:17 p.m., Capital Regiment, Mandarins, Blue Knights, Magic, Spirit from JSU, Crossmen, Scouts, SCV, Blue Devils, Boston Crusaders

Ticket Info: 800.495.SHOW x3;

Depart: 12:30 a.m. Travel to Jacksonville, AL: 525 miles

Saturday, July 17 Jacksonville, AL Rehersal Day
Arrive: 11:30 a.m.

Housing Site: Donoho School, 2501 Henry Road, Anniston, AL 36207

Sunday, July 18 Jacksonville, AL DCI Contest

Housing Site: Same, MTS: 15, TTS: 30

Show Site: Paul Snow Stadium, Jacksonville State University
700 Pelham Road North
Jacksonville, AL

Show Start Time: 7:00 p.m.

Corps: CorpsVets, Sr., Court of Honor, COLTS 7:39 p.m., Blue Knights, Madison Scouts, Blue Devils, SCV, Spirit of JSU

Ticket Info: 800.495.SHOW x3;

Depart: 11:30 p.m. Travel to TBA: 310 miles

Second part of the itinerary

The second part of the Colts' summer itinerary is available. Click here to download it to your computer in a printable .pdf file. If you can't open pdf files, you can get a free Adobe Acrobat reader by going to

I'll try to put up a file that's readable directly in the blog later tonight.

Read the comments

Be sure to scroll down to the "Rehearsal day in New Richland" item and click on the "comments" link at the end. Jody Glow has a really nice report from Stillwater including information on the Scouts using the Colts' pit equipment. Don't miss it.

Thanks Jody!

(you can leave a comment of your own by clicking on the link that says "0 comments" at the end of each item. It's easy. You don't even have to register. Just leave an anonymous comment and put your name at the end.) Try it!

Report from New Richland

Suzanne called in the report this morning. Thanks, Suzie. Nice to talk to you. (Not that is isn't nice to talk to Bill. It was just different.)

Well, it is a "wet and drippy day again here" in New Richland, MN, after a wet night in Stillwater where the corps did a standstill performance. No scores. (I didn't think it was supposed to rain this much until we got to Orlando)

Some news toward the bottom of this entry, but first, the usual rundown.

Orange-cranberry muffins
Fresh fruit
More donuts

Grilled cheese sandwiches
Tomato soup
Fruit salad
Apple pie

Italian bread
Spice cake

Chicken nuggets

(this was the plan for meals, but it may have changed because of changes in the schedule listed below)

There was a pretty standard rehearsal day schedule listed on the board first thing this morning but Bill called later to say that the staff had realized that all the clothes that everyone in the corps had were wet from 2-3 days of rain so they set up a quick laundry day. The revised sked.


11 Brass laundry
11 Guard and percussion rehearse
11:30 Mini-snack
1:30 Guard and percussion lunch
2 Brass lunch
2 Guard and percussion laundry
5:30 Dash and grab mini-snack
6:30 Ensemble
8:30-9 Dinner pack and load
10:30 (or so) Depart for Rockford, IL

The news was that apparently government vehicle inspection officers were at the show site (some said Minnesota state officers, some said federal officers, some said state officers at the direction of feds) and inspected every bus. The Colts had a couple of infractions, but nothing that kept them from leaving the site Tuesday night. The buses the kids travel on were OK.

I hear that at least one other corps had more issues with their inspections, but I don't have anything official to pass along, so I'll just shut up.

Today's cooks
Sue P.

Thanks cooks for all you do every day!

Suzie said to make sure we send out a big THANK YOU to all the friends and family who bring donations for the truck and for the kids and support the Colts in too many ways to mention.This has got to be the best group of supporters in drum corps. We love you and keep it coming!

There have been more donations coming in. Here are just a few of the items people have dropped off recently for the kids.
A bag of sunscreen
Paper supplies

It's all good.

Rehearsal day in New Richland

It's a rehearsal day in New Richland, MN.

Weather forecast for New Richland

The Colts are in the Central time zone.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Report from New Richmond, Wisc.

After an overnight trip from Dubuque through weather one of the bus drivers described as "monsoon-like," the Colts arrived at the housing site in New Richmond, Wisc., (just over the MN-WI border from the show site in Stillwater, MN) about 6:30 a.m.

Snack for the corps on the buses consisted of 3 cookies each plus meats leftover from the concessions at the home show to make sandwiches (thanks Cathy!).


Egg wrap
Bananas and Melon
Leftover donuts

Chicken sandwich
Raw veggies and dip
Pie (leftover from the snack that didn't happen Monday night in Dubuque)

Cole slaw
Potato cheese bake
Dessert (to be determined)

Must go (a Colt favorite)

Special note: The cooks could still use fresh fruits and vegetables. And although we hate to say it, they're running low on cookies, so you can start bringing them again.

Special thanks to the family (I'm sorry I didn't get the name) that brought 8 gallons of milk in Dubuque. Thanks!!!!!!!

Bruce (leaving today)
Olaf (former marching member from the Netherlands)

And thanks to all the parents who showed up to help at Music on the March in Dubuque and to help on the cooktruck at the homeshow. Or both!

Schedule for today
"Please get your uniform off the truck and air it out at breakfast" (It rained, you know)

9 Wake
9:15 Cals
9:45 Breakfast
10:30 Vis
12 Sectionals
1 Lunch
2 Warmup
2:30 Ensemble
3:40 Run show
4 Dinner, pack & load
6 Depart for show

Step off at Stillwater, MN, 8:40

WEDNESDAY REHEARSAL is in New Richland in south central Minnesota

Show day in Stillwater, Minn.

It's a show day in Stillwater.

Weather forecast for Stillwater

The Colts are in the Central time zone.

Soggy blogger

The old blooger is kind of soggy this morning after standing out in the monsoon at Music on the March in Dubuque last night. It was cozy in the very wet cooktruck with 18 of my closest friends after the Colts' performance was cancelled, but then we had to get out and drive home.
(The dang job keeps getting in the way....)

Anyway, bear with me. Bill's already called from New Richmond, Wisc., this morning, so an update is coming.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Music on the March in Dubuque

It's Music on the March day in Dubuque.

Weather forecast for Dubuque

The Colts are in the Central time zone.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Report from Chicago

Phone call from Bill and Suzanne this morning.

Menu for today
Breakfast 7:15 a.m.
Eggs McMona

Sack lunch
Two sandwiches
Fruit and veggies
Cookies, cookies, cookies

Dinner 7:30 p.m.
Salisbury steak
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Fresh fruit

It's cloudy, breezy and cool, so a pretty good day to march parades.

Wal-Mart stop planned for tonight before pulling in to Dubuque for the big Music on the March show on Monday.

Chicago area parades today

It's an Independence Day full of parades in Chicago.

Weather forecast for Chicago

The Colts are in the Central time zone.

Sorry, but at this time, I don't have a parade list for today. I'll post later if I get one.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Report from Knox

Bill's report from Knox, Indiana. (I remember Knox from last year. Great school. Great town. They even let you return several liter bottles of Root Beer you didn't need to make root beer floats -- if you're persistent.)

Colts arrived at 4:45 a.m.

French toast
Sausage links
Peaches or apples

Italian beef sandwiches
Fruit salad

A hog roast with all the trimmings courtesy of the local band boosters. (I knew I really liked Knox. Thanks!)

Chicken wraps or Tacos (they hadn't decided when Bill called)

Saturday schedule
9:15 Wake and cals
9:45 Breakfast
10:30 Vis
12:45 Lunch
1:45 Sectionals
2:45 Full ensemble
4:10 Run through
4:30 Hog roast, pack and load
7:25 Arrive at show site in Michigan City
9:25 Step off

Friday night, the guard used their double flags for the first time in the ballad, Old Man River. Looked really cool, I hear.

Charles City photos at

A set of photos from dinner and the show in Charles City on Thursday night are posted at

Show day in Michigan City

It's a show day in Michigan City, Ind.

Weather forecast for Michigan City

The Colts are in the Central time zone.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Today's schedule

A brief schedule for today in Madison.
(Thanks Bill and Travis for the daily updates)

Arrived Madison at 5:30 a.m.

8:45 Wake and cals
9:30 Breakfast
10:30 Vis
12:45 Lunch
1:45 Something (Probably sectionals or ensemble, or both)
4:25 Runthrough
4:45 Dinner, pack & load
6:30 Depart for show site (10 minutes away)

Great night in Charles City (except for the bugs)

Got to see the Corps at dinner, the show and snack last night in Charles City, so forgive me this morning if I'm pumped. The show was awesome. The crowd was great and really responsive to both the Colt Cadets and the Colts. The conditions were ideal until the sun went down and every bug in Charles City found the stadium lights. Bug spray worked for the mosquitoes, but it didn't phase the May flies, the midges, and a bunch of other bugs I don't even want to know the name of.

Dinner menu
Lemon pepper chicken
Brocolli/cheese/rice veggie
Oriental salad
Strawberry shortcake
and, as always, PB&J

Drink flavors were orange and lemonade (some Colts were grateful for the orange break from grape)

Cooks at dinner
Susan A.
Susan B.

Snack menu
Watermelon slices
and birthday cupcakes for "Animal" (one of the Colt Cadets)

Snack cooks included all of the above plus a bunch of Colt Cadet moms and various other hangers-on.

Got back to West Des Moines at 2 a.m. and don't have a voice this morning because I screamed by head off at the show. Ain't summer great!

New score pages on

Katherine has put up new pages at that update with Colts and Colt Cadets scores as soon as they are posted at What a quick, cool way to check scores!

The Colts score page is HERE.

The Colts Cadet score page is HERE.

I'd bookmark these to make it easy.

Show day in Madison, WI

It's a show day in Madison, Wisc.

Weather forecast for Madison

The Colts are in the Central time zone.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Charles City schedule

Today in Charles City

Arrived at 7:30 a.m.

9:15 Cals and breakfast
11 Vis (working on block then ballad changes)
2 Lunch
3 Sectionals
4:30 Ensemble
6 Dinner, pack & load
(No travel time to show; they're at the high school already)

Cooks scheduled for today
Polly, head cook
Jeff and Laura arrive sometime today

Crusaders cooktruck

Jim J. sent me this link about the Boston Crusaders' cooktruck.
Thanks, Jim!

Show day in Charles City

It's a show day in Charles City, Iowa.

Weather forecast for Charles City, Iowa

The Colts are in the Central time zone.