Saturday, September 16, 2006

Galleries and such

I have (finally) posted one of my galleries from the end of tour. Click on '2006' in the right sidebar and look for the Friday Finals link. There are other galleries there too, but not Rod's yet. I thought I had done that one but -- if I did -- I can't find it. Soon, though.


Photo by David S.


Rod said...

Hey David, welcome back! I put my pics out there for you via ftp - let me know if you can't find them.

Anonymous said...

I love that new gallery you posted. Beautiful pictures.


Anonymous said...

Okay...this post is being done thru tears...of joy and gratitude...

Thank you...thank you...thank you for letting us be the beneficiary of one of your many wonderful talents...seeing the Colts thru your camera eye! It is just such an experience. Jody

Rod said...

David, amazing pics as usual - all the right people/places at all the right times, with fantastic images.