Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lisa's picture featured at

Got this from Lisa P. -- even before I could put something up:

Whoo - hoo!!!!!!!!!!! My picture of JP after the age out ceremony made DC-Eye!!!!

(And thanks to Jody Glow for posting the comment about Lisa's picture on the previous post. Glad you guys are helping me keep up. Which I'm not doing very well.)


Peg L. said...

That is an awesome picture of Jackie, I can feel the emotion and get teary eyed myself. Counting down the days till season starts again.

Lisa said...

I'm counting down the days too - and I don't even have a kid in the corps anymore!! That's not to say I don't claim having 134 other kids too!! :-)

Nick said...

That's what I love about our cook staff!!! :)

Anonymous said...

what Nick said


thanks for everything. . .you do so more than JUST cook!!!