Thursday, January 17, 2008

January camp schedule

7:30 p.m. Registration/unload
9 Full corps meeting – all members, parents, staff
9:30 Brass in main gym; guard in multipurpose room; percussion in music rooms; pit cafeteria
9:45 Parents meeting
11:30 Snack – wear your nametag
12:30 Lights out – men in main gym; women in downstairs gym

8 a.m. Wake/eat; full staff meeting
9 Brass/percussion stretch in main gym; guard leave for Fulton Elementary
9:30 Brass rehearsal; individual auditions begin; snares and cymbals marching; bass/tenor music wing; pit cafeteria
11 Bass/tenor marching; snares/cymbals in music wing
12:30 p.m. Brass/percussion lunch
12:45 Guard lunch at Fulton
1:30 Individual brass auditions continue; trumpets/mellos marching; baris/contras multipurpose room; percussion music wing; pit cafeteria
3:30 Individual auditions continue; baris/contras marching; trumpets/mellos multipurpose room
5 Guard pickup
5:30 Dinner; staff meeting
6:30 Full corps meeting
7 Guard depart for Fulton; individual auditions continue; percussion sectionals; brass in main gym
9:30 Music ensemble
10:30 Guard pickup
11 Snack
Midnight Lights out

7:30 a.m. Wake/eat
8:30 Brass/percussion stretch; guard in multipurpose room
9 Guard in main gym; brass in multipurpose room; percussion in music wing; pit in cafeteria
11:15 Brass lunch
11:30 Percussion lunch
11:45 Guard lunch
12:15 p.m. Brass in multipurpose room
12:30 Percussion in music wing
12:45 Guard main gym
2 Dog and pony
3 Meeting in main gym
3:15 Clean/pack
4 Dismissed

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