Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Camp this weekend; that's not a problem ...

it's just an inconvenience. So inconvenient that I missed all of my Colts' friends so much that I wore my Colts jacket yesterday as I shoveled snow when it was a -30 windchill.

The good news is that I got to update the cooks calendar with all of the tour changes that Mike Grimes was ready to distribute to everyone at camp. Take a look at the new calendar (in the LINKS area in the right sidebar) and you'll see some new locations - yes, we have a show in Houston, not Dallas. Not everything is set in stone (welcome to Drum Corps), but it is becoming less fluid.

We still have many openings during tour for cooks and drivers. Parents (friends, alumni, supporters), take a look and see when we're going to be close by so you can join tour. Members, talk to your parents about supporting you by going on tour. Or if you're really gutsy, sign your parents up when you want them there!

As soon as you pick your dates, contact me at Come join the fun; you won't regret it. And remember this - volunteers never age-out.



Anonymous said...

Hey there...

I am one of those volunteers that never ages out and proud of it!!!!

Please look at your summer calendars and sign up now for the best time of your lives...the cooktruck is the place to be during the summer.

See ya on the road...Jody G.

Anonymous said...

Is there a video from January camp?