Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp is here

Looking forward to camp this weekend. The menu Crys shared with me follows:

Friday snack - Brats/baked beans/carrots/PB & J
Saturday breakfast - English muffin w/ ham, cheese and egg/hashbrown patty, cereal/PB&J
Saturday lunch - Cheeseburger and/or chicken breast/potatoes/mixed veggies/PB&J
Saturday dinner - Beef stew/fruit/cookies/PB&J
Saturday snack - Ravioli/sloppy joes/must goes/pudding/PB&J
Sunday breakfast - Biscuits and gravy/fruit/cereal/PB&J
Sunday lunch - Sandwich/fruit roll-up/chips sack lunch to go

Looking forward to seeing many of you. Oh yeah, an updated calendar can be viewed by selecting 2012 Cook Calendar on the right under Important Links.

Travel safe.

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Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT weekend COLTS!!
See you in April.