Monday, May 28, 2012

Today is MONDAY May 28th
You are in Dubuque, Iowa

Today's Weather- 85 and possible storms
Go to: for updated weather


8:30 am- Wake/Eat/Pack/Clean School
9:45am- Cooktruck departs for COLTS Center to set up lunch. Drop food trailer at hall and return to hook and haul equipment trailer
10:30am- Depart for COLTS Center (1101 Central Avenue) on 3 buses with equipment truck
*If you have a car, follow buses to the COLTS Center. There is no opportunity to return to the school later to get your car.
*Equipment truck move to COLTS Center. Unload drums and tubas right away. Truck moves to Washington Park for pit to set up after pit eats lunch. Equipment trailer dropped at park.
10:30am- Design & Caption Heads meeting at COLTS Center
11:30am- Lunch at COLTS Center. Pit members eat first, then leave with equipment truck to Washington Park to set up. (Equipment trailer and pit members stay at Washington Park during parade)
12:15pm- Parade corps in half uniform walk to Jackson Park, (kitchen trailer to Loras, drop trailer, then to equipments trailer at Washington Park)
12:45pm- Sectionals in Jackson Park
1:30pm- Full ensemble in Jackson Park. Parade begins- we step off last
3:30pm est- Summer Premier Concert in Washington Park!
*Following the performance, load tubas, sound and pit at the park
*Brass, battery and guard, keep instruments and uniforms with you and walk to the COLTS Center as a group in 1/2 uniform
*Pit stay in park to finish loading the truck
*All change in COLTS Center and put uniforms on hangers and hang on racks
*Load instruments and guard equipment on the truck when it arrives at the hall. (Pit- clear walk ways for loading please)
5:45pm- Meeting for everyone
6:15pm- Depart for Loras or home
6:30pm- Arrive at Loras and completely unload buses. THEY ARE LEAVING!
7:15pm- Dinner (Meal #3) at cooktruck
8pm- Sectionals TBA
10pm- Light snack (Meal #4) at cooktruck
11pm- Lights out

What's Cookin' today!

Meal #1-
Scrambled Eggs
Ham Slice
Hashbrown patty
PB & J

Meal #2-
Lunch Buffet at Center;
Ham/Cheese or Turkey Sammies
Fresh veggies with ranch
Granola Bars/Fruit Rolls Ups
PB & J

Meal #3-
Pizza and Chicken
Mashed Tatos
Dessert- made with love by Micki M!
PB & J

Meal #4-

Butt Chops w/ bbq
Macaroni  Salad
Must Goes
PB & J

Would love to see your smiling face! Stop in and help feed the best corps around! Feel free to stop and help cook/serve at Roosevelt for breakfast, the COLTS Center for lunch, and/or Loras for dinner and snack. Prepping starts 1 hour prior to each meal.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information. 
Don't forget to stayed tuned to the COLTS Facebook page. It's always busy with fun things!

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