Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today is Saturday, August 11th
It's FINAL'S!!
You are in Muncie, IN
Weather: 76 and partly cloudy. For updated weather go to:

Breakfast will be a brisk 6:45. We will be departing Ball State at 8:30 a.m. for downtown Indianapolis and will not be returning.
All non-finalist corps participate in the Celebrate the Arts Parade in downtown Indianapolis. It starts at 11 a.m. and concludes with a massed corps performance following the parade at 1 p.m. on the steps of the War Memorial, Meridian and Michigan Streets, about a block from the end of the parade route.
The parade runs from Pennsylvania and Walnut to Meridian and Walnut, following a U shape.
We will hold our final meeting of the year at American Legion Mall, on the corner of Meridian and St. Clair, near the end of the parade.
Buses will be parked there for those who wish to get luggage off them there and the trucks will be there as well. We ll check in equipment and hold our final meeting in the park. We ll be done by 5:15, at which point we are dismissed.
Our final meeting includes some good conversations and age out speeches, plus a final playing of Morning and is an experience you will want with us if you can. All parents, friends and family are invited to this very moving and powerful experience.

Members may leave with parents following the closing meeting in the park. At that point, all members are free to go where they are going to go.
We will be taking a bus from the stadium parking to the Indianapolis Airport at 11:30 p.m. and dropping flyers there for their overnight experience. There will be hundreds of corps members there from across the entire activity to spend the evening with.
We will be departing from the stadium to drive to Dubuque. Stops along the way are being determined now and will be announced on Saturday in time to make pick up arrangements but they will be along I-74.
Luggage and people pick up options:
Ball State University: Luggage only may be picked up and loaded at Ball State Saturday morning, but members will ride with the corps to the parade.
At the American Legion Mall in the afternoon: The buses will be there from 10:30 a.m. till we drive to the stadium at about 5:30. Buses will be parked near the American Legion Mall for the duration of our stay downtown.
Members may leave on their own after our final dismissal from the park, or they may stay with us to the stadium.
At the stadium: Bus parking will be near the stadium, and we will be there from 6:00 until midnight.
One bus will be designed as the airport bus, and all luggage will be on that bus when we load Saturday morning. We will leave the stadium to drive to the airport at 11:30 p.m. from the bus parking lot and we will then meet up with our other vehicles at a truck stop and drive together overnight to Dubuque.
En route to Dubuque: We will have stops along I-74 on the way home, and locations and times will be finalized on Saturday.
All the way to Dubuque: Certain bus bays will be designated as Dubuque only and will not open from Saturday morning until we reach the Colts Center. We should be arriving in Dubuque mid morning on Sunday, around 9 a.m.
All members will have wristbands, which allow admission to Saturday finals.
Wristbands for adults are available for volunteers only, but we don t have extras. Parents attending the shows and not on the volunteer list will need to purchase tickets for the shows.

The Colts blocks of tickets for all shows are sold out, but there are still great seats available for all shows at Or, at the box office at the stadium.
Thank you for all your support in making this amazing experience possible!

830am- travel to parade
1015am- arrive at parade
11am- parade steps off
1pm- parade ends/concert
2pm- check in/MEAL 2
330pm- final dismissal
5pm- travel to Lucas Oil

Meal 1:
french toast

Meal 2:
Tot Casserole

Crys S- Head Cook
Dianne H
Micki M
Darlene C

As the convoy makes its last journey home, it's with a heavy heart filled with much pride as we see the 2012 season end. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank  you to ALL who gave their time, donated items thru out the season, and were there for support near and far. We simply couldn't do it without you- and for that, we can never say thanks enough.

To our volunteers, be it cooks, support or our dynamic seamstresses who gave endless hours- thank you. 

Our Staff- thank you for taking care of our corps. You have helped mold 150 minds into life success. BRAVO!

The drivers- thank you for getting our corps down the road safely! Your dedication to the RED TEAM is above and beyond! We are so thankful for you! 

To you, the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends and family. Drum corps is impossible to describe to those who do not know, but your support for your child and the encouragement to follow their dreams is filled  memories that will last a lifetime- for all of you. THANK YOU for being a part of it, and being part of our family. For some of you, thank you for stepping into the unknown crazy world of drum corps! We look forward  to our future together! 

 A huge thank you to all for the kind words about our virtual cooktruck. As the truck is the home away from home for the corps, we too found ourselves sitting at the same kitchen table with fun updates, pictures and what was going on with their daily lives. We had record hits on the site this year...thanks for being with us at "home" :)

Be sure to save the date of the saturday right after Thanksgiving for our annual banquet held in Dubuque. We hope to see you all there! More info will be out on that later. We will continue to post links to photo albums to the truck as they come in. Stay tuned to the truck as well as our facebook page for any fun things! 

To draw to a close- a thank you to all will never be enough. To you COLTS- thank you for your inspiration and dedication. Thank you for being part of a legacy, you will forever more be part of. Some of you leave us as alums, and we wish you much success in your future. Some of you leave us ready to save the date for the November camps- yes is that close! But, until we see you again, the life lessons you take with you, the strong bond of friendships, and your excellence in the musical world- NO ONE will ever take that away from you.  Put it into your daily life. We look forward to see what you'll be doing with it! May excellence always be your minimum standard, today, tomorrow and always. Wear your triangles with pride- you earned it! When you find yourself missing your corps- remember they are right around your neck, just as that same support was with you all summer. We all couldn't be any prouder of every one of you! 

Until we meet again-

....Hold On To Morning.....

Crys J. Smith- Food Coordinator COLTS Drum Corps/Cooktruck 

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information. 
Don't forget to stayed tuned to the COLTS Facebook page. 
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