Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Premier; DeWitt, IA & Dubuque, IA

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Current housing is: Central High School, 519 East 11th Street, DeWitt, IA 52742
Show Site: University of Dubuque Chalmers Field, 2000 University Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001

  • Summer Premiere is 7:00 today at the University of Dubuque Chalmers Field. Here is a link for additional information.
  • Discovered a good reason to leave work early this Friday! Both the Colt Cadets and the Colts have a community performance in DeWitt at 6:00 PM. Last chance to see the Colts before they hit the road.
  • Contact Bill (email is or text/phone is 651-470-3553) if you're able to help on the cooktruck or drive a van at night. The most current 2015 Cook Calendar is listed on the right, under Important Links.
  • Mail Drop address for today through July 7:
    General Delivery
    Hold for Colts Drum & Bugle Corps
    (Member Name)
    P.O. Box 515
    Dubuque, IA 52004-0515

Today's Schedule
7:00 AM - Wake/Meal 1
8:00 AM - Brass & percussion stretch on field #2; guard stretch on field#3
8:30 AM - Rehearsal
11:00 AM - Meal 2 Brass & percussion
11:15 AM - Meal 2 Guard
12:00 PM - Brass & percussion rehearsal
12:15 PM - Guard rehearsal
2:45 PM - Meal 3 - eat, load and pack snack
4:15 PM - Depart for University of Dubuque
5:30 PM - Warm up
7:25 PM - Gate
7:30 PM - Watch Colt Cadets
7:50 PM - Perform
9:00 PM - Cooks depart for DeWitt
10:15 PM - Depart for DeWitt
11:30 PM - Meal 4
12:30 AM - Lights out

What's being served?
All meals also have peanut butter, jelly and condiments.
Meal 1
Ham or Sausage

Meal 2
Salsa Chicken Burrito
Black Beans

Meal 3
Beef and Noodles
Green Beans
Pack Snack

Meal 4
Loaded Nachos
Dump Cake

DCI's Best Volunteers
Crys Smith
Stacie Fohn
Rita Long
Terry Huhn
Jeff Huhn
Chris Huhn
Brenda Sims

Happy Birthday to Jennifer Peterson!

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