Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Rehearsal Day; Muncie, IN

Checkout today's weather HERE.
Current housing is: John E. Worthen Arena, Ball State University, 2000 W University Avenue, Muncie, IN 47306

  • The updated 2016 Cook's Calendar is posted under Important Links on the right.
    Contact Bill via phone (651-470-3553) or email(colts.cooks@comcast.net) and let him know if you can help or have any questions.
  • If you are interested in making a food donation to the Corps, fresh fruit and vegetables are a great choice.
  • Mail Drop address for August 4 - 12 is:
    General Delivery
    Hold for Colts Drum & Bugle Corps
    (Member Name)
    Muncie Post Office
    501 West Memorial Drive
    Muncie, IN 47302-9998

Today's Schedule               (EASTERN TIME ZONE)
8:45 AM - Crews Depart for Field
9:30 AM - Wake/Eat
10:25 AM - Load Buses for Practice Areas
10:45 AM - Stretch
11:15 AM - Transition to Get Instruments
11:30 AM - Sectionals (Brass on Field 1, Percussion on Field 2, Guard on Site)

2:00 PM - Meal 2 (Brought to Practice Area)

2:45 PM - Visual (Brass & Percussion on Field 1, Guard on Site)

5:30 PM - Meal 3 (Brought to Practice Area)
6:30 PM - Sectional Warm-up
7:00 PM - Ensemble in Stadium
9:45 PM - Run Through
10:00 PM - Pit Continues to Rehearse/Clear Field and Load
10:30 PM - Pit Loads
11:15 PM - Depart for Housing
11:30 PM - Meal 4
12:30 AM - Lights Out!

What's being served?
All meals also have peanut butter, jelly and condiments.

Meal 1
Breakfast Burritos
Orange Wedges

Meal 2
Italian Pasta Salad
Frozen Grapes

Meal 3
Meatloaf w/ Oatmeal
Mashed Potatoes
Brown Gravy
Green Bean Casserole

Meal 4
Hot Dog/Brat Bar
Cool Whip Pudding

DCI's Best Volunteers
Jenn Broghammer
Carrie Taylor
David Alford
Teresa Smith
Tatsushi Hirono
Tim Nance
Ginger Krahn
John Toco
Kathy Bublick
Dan Bublick
Cathi Roberts

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