Saturday, October 14, 2006

LeAnn wants to hear from you!!!

Scooter has heard from LeAnn, and he asked me to pass along the following.

This is the mailing address for LeAnn who is currently one month into her basic training for the Marines. She asked me to put up her mailing address on the cooktruck so that anyone can send her a letter.

It is very important that you copy this address exactly on your envelope in order for her to receive it. Also, it is extremely important that you send ONLY A LETTER. It is the military, and they take that kind of thing very seriously (she asked me to stress that). No pictures, no care packages, just a letter!

She is doing very well and was put into a leadership postition. Send her a letter; I am sure it would mean alot.

Rct. Splitter, LeAnn R.
PLT 4038 4BN NCO
Box 14038
Parris Island, SC 29905-4038

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