Sunday, January 14, 2007

Weather-shortened camp

Camp was dismissed at 10 a.m. today to allow everyone to get on the road and at least a good way toward home before dark. Hope travel went smoothly for everyone. Leave a comment and let everyone know how your trip went, if you'd like.

Thanks to everyone who helped over the weekend. Much good work, by members and volunteers, was packed into a short time. A highlight for me was ensemble on Saturday night. Incredible music and musicians.

Here's the weekend schedule and menu. Pictures will follow later this week.

January Camp Schedule


7:30 Check in
9 Full corps meeting in gym
9:30 Sectionals
9:45 Parents meeting in wood shop
11:30 Snack
12:30 Lights out


8 Wake/eat, full staff meeting
9 Brass/percussion stretch in main gym
9:30 Guard leave for Fulton Elementary rehearsal; brass rehearsal lower gym; snares/cymbal marching in main gym; bass/tenors in music wing; pit in cafeteria
12:30 Lunch – brass and pit
12:45 Lunch – percussion; guard lunch at Fulton
1:30 Individual brass auditions; trumpets/mellos marching in gym; baritones/contra in multipurpose room; percussion in music wing; pit in cafeteria
2 Board meeting at Colts Center
3:30 Individual brass auditions; baritones/contras marching in gym; trumpets/mello lower gym
5:30 Dinner; guard leave Fulton
5:45 Guard dinner; staff meeting
6:30 Full corps meeting in main gym
7 Guard departs for rehearsal; individual auditions; percussion sectionals in music wing; brass main gym
9:30 Ensemble
10:45 Guard leave Fulton for Washington school
11:15 Snack
12:15 Lights out – men in main gym; ladies in lower gym


8 Wake/eat
9 Meeting in main gym
9:15 Clean/pack/load
10 Dismissed

January camp menu

Friday snack
Chicken nuggets

Saturday breakfast
French toast

Saturday lunch
Brats or hot dogs
Pasta salad
Baked beans
Tropical fruit

Saturday dinner
Fish sandwiches
Scalloped potato
Green beans

Saturday snack

Sunday breakfast
Egg wraps
Cinnamon rolls


Anonymous said...

The run-thru Saturday night was the most intense ensemble sound I've ever heard, let alone played in. It was also the first ensemble rehearsal after I found out I was going to be a part of it this summer. It was simply amazing.

Dubuque to Sioux City got nasty, but we survived!

Anonymous said...

Because of the early dismissal, we made it safe and sound (Dubuque to Minneapolis). It is snowing now and has been for a couple of hours - 5 to 8 inches predicted. Rush hour in the a.m. ought to be fun. I am hoping that everyone gets to their destination safely or has stopped for the night at a hotel. Luba

Anonymous said...

I showed up in central Missouri 'roundabouts the time it was just getting dark - the roads when we were driving for pretty much the entire state were covered in water, raining heavily. As soon as it got dark, that water turned in to solid ice; had we not let out early, I'd have been on the road 'till about 11PM, but as is I and everyone with me got home safely.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks to all of our super help in the kitchen this weekend. I come down from St. Paul with Bill and Luba (the best car ride in town) when I can to help out and am always amazed (I know I shouldn't be...) with the parent help we get at the Colts...

I hope everyone made it home in fine shape...I was sad that camp had to end early because my favorite part of camp is the mini-concert on Sunday..but as Luba wrote earlier...we now have 8 inches of snow (it's about time) in the Twin Cities which started about 2 PM in southern MN and we would have been driving in the worse of it in the afternoon and evening..

So until February...stay well everyone... Jody Glow

Anonymous said...

11 hours and 2 additional kids later, we arrived home safely in Kansas. We were in Des Moines when we received a call from Calvin Dugan (percussion). He and Patrick Hunninghake (brass) had been in an accident east of Des Moines. Patrick hit a patch of ice, slid across I-80, spun out and rolled his car. Thankfully, the only injuries were cuts and scratches and one totalled Ford. We were able to loop around DM and pick the guys up. Thankfully, David Speer had given me his cell number Sunday morning prior to our departure. The Speers are graciously keeping our sleeping bags until the next camp as between the 4 of us, we had too much to wedge both people and "stuff" into a small Toyota. Needless to say,we were packed to the gills with 4 people and the rest of our gear. (David can attest to this fact!)

Mental note to self - use a larger car for the next camp!

I am very grateful for the jump start on our drive and especially grateful for the kindness of the Speers. Looking forward to the next camp and another 4400 meals!! Lisa Paschang

Anonymous said...

I was very saddened by the fact that we didn't get to have the butt chops that we're planned for sunday lunch :(
but at least we played some bartok! I made it safely back to Arizona again, but wow the ride back to Kansas was scary.