Monday, February 12, 2007

Thanks everyone!

The menu, the schedule, and pictures will be posted this week, but first things first.

Thanks to everyone who helped out at February camp this weekend. Especially Jody G. and Lori and Barry in the kitchen and their great crew who kept everyone fed. (ummmmm, butt chops at last.)

Dave and Tom and Jim and everyone else who helped out with the projects at the center. Lauren and Sue P. on uniforms. Luba and the rest of the volunteers for check-in. Penny and Polly and Pat and everyone with souvie flags. And all the people I'm leaving out who did the thousands of little things that have to get done every camp and seldom get acknowledged. Like the Peter and everyone else who drove the guard. Like all the board members who met Saturday. Everyone who makes sure the syrup bottles stay full at breakfast. And especially the guys who carry out trash and wipe tables and clean up spills without ever having to be asked.

We couldn't do this for the kids without each one of you. So, thanks to EVERYONE.

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