Friday, March 02, 2007

Virtual camp

Well, since real camp has been cancelled this weekend, why don't we have Virtual Camp?

Whenever you're bored from being snowed in and decide to visit the Virtual Cooktruck, why not leave a comment saying what you WOULD BE doing if you were at camp.

Cooks can say what they would be cooking. Drummers could say what they would be doing. The guard could say they'd be at Fulton freezing. Brass would be in horn arc. And everyone would be doing something incredible in vis block.

The snowed-in cooktruck staff

(I'm not really snowed in. I'm in Philadelphia, where it was in the 50s today and sunny. Don't hate me. And I didn't wish for snow so everybody else would have to miss camp since I was missing camp. I promise. -- David)


Anonymous said...

My husband wants to know if I would cook for him this weekend since I won't be cooking at camp... and that does not mean offering him PB&J at every meal. Hmmm...

Lorrie in AR said...

sorry ya'll are snowed in. Would have been fun seeing everyone, and hearing the awesome colts rehearse. Guess I soak up some sun this weekend and wait for the next camp!

Rod said...

I had my batteries all charged and memory cards empty, ready to take lots of pictures. Oh well, there goes my moment of fame. What a bad feeling not to be on the way to camp. Oh well, better safe......

Anonymous said...

Right now, I'd be shopping at Wal-Mart with my mom and getting strange looks from people as we go by with two carts full of about 15 gallons of milk, 85 oranges, and 85 bananas plus other random things. Instead, I get to be stuck in Iowa :(

Anonymous said...

I'd be standing in the back of a cold souvie truck with some great colts and volunteers trying to unload the food and equipment so we could get snack started.

Good part of the day---didn't have to work!!!
Bad part of the day -- didn't get to see all the colts and colt parents.

Hope everyone stays warm and safe this weekend.
See you in a few weeks

Alf said...

I don't want to make it worse .. but, Snow? Cold? Haven't seen that for more than a year. No winter in Holland ... wind? Yes, lots of it only later than ever. Usualy in October not in now.
Must be Colt's Equinox, turning drumcorps up-side-down-in-side-out this year. Colts take over drumcorps by storm!!

But sorry everything has to be cancelled, but he guys I understand perfectly well how it feels to mis out on Colts weekends.

Hangin there!!!

Olaf "Alf"

Anonymous said...

I would be realizing once again how inflexible I am while Beth Wilson stretches the corps out and leads us through cals. I would also be slightly sore from sleeping on the floor for the first time in two months. I wish I was at camp. :(


Anonymous said... I was going to be missing camp due to work anyway....But, as David said (who's in warm Philadelphia) I did not wish this on you guys.

In St. Paul we got hit with back to back is a winter wonderland out there! Must have shoveled and snowblowed at least 10 times in the last week...snow be done for goodness sakes!

Miss all of you...those of you in the frosty northland - stay warm! Those of you in the warmlands - stay cool!

See you all at the end of April (when I get let out of work - tax season just seems to go on forever)..

Jody G

Anonymous said...

if i were at camp right now we'd probably be headin back to the highschool after a long day at fulton, crawling off the bus and walking to the lunch room to eat dinner. we may be heading to the gym to listen to a greg speech afterwards, getting a real good look at who well see during the summer. we would be anxious to perform for an audience tomorrow morning and to hear them cheer for our hard work. and after the performnace we would have to yet again say good bye to our best friends.

Alf said...

Are we now going to get virtual pictures from Rod and David from the virtual March Camp?

Doug said...

Taking care of business. And right now I'd be sore.

MAN I wish I could be playing the show music right now!

Anonymous said...

if there were camp this weekend I would be sitting at home, missing my Colts, feeling old and waiting impatiently for you to update the virtual cooktruck so I can continue to live vicariously through the rest of you


Anonymous said...

I'd be flying back from Chicago to DC, that is of course if the planes are actually flying. Who am I kidding? I'd still be in O'Hare from delays.

Anonymous said...

Right now, I'd be reminiscing about what a wonderful runthru the corps had, then collapsing in my nice, comfortable bed at home.. being so sore from the "suicides" done during saturday morning cals, and the lunges across the cafeteria in sunday morning cals. I would not be cursing old man winter right now.

Anonymous said...

Right now I would be exhausted from having driven 6 hours and 45 minutes home last night, arriving around 11:00. At camp, I would have been looking for something to do around the Colts Center, hoping that Vicki didn't ask me to paint the ceiling.

-Jim J.

Anonymous said...

I would still be passed out from camp and the long flights back to California.
But instead today I lay on the beach after school. Gotta love the San Diego weather ;)

But I would rather have camp in freezing Iowa any day of the week.
I'm sorry for all the snow out there, when I saw the system right over Dubuque on Thursday night's weather forecast, I knew there was going to be trouble.

Anonymous said...

when will the guard login get updated i want to start learning work!=)