Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Time to Step Up

Exactly 2 months from today, the Colts will be on the first day of their summer tour. The feeding of your sons and daughters will then be in the hands of cooks that donate their time and energy. These cooks will prepare and serve 160 meals - four times a day. They also must wash the dishes, take care of the garbage, go grocery shopping, restock the shelves, and be a nurse.

The cooks do all of this for the kids - your kids. To properly feed and care for them, it takes a Head Cook and at least 4 additional cooks. David posted the updated cooks calendar earlier this week. Take some time to review the calendar and see when we do not have the necessary number of cooks. Then match the dates when we have our cook shortages to the times you can go on tour and care for the kids. Our schedule takes us out east twice; down south twice; and throughout the midwest. In other words, we'll be in your neighborhood.

If you are reading this post, I know you support (and care deeply) about the kids. Not sure if you can handle the cooking? Then we can use you to drive the vans that the cooks sleep in. Either way you win! You get to spend time with the best kids in Drum Corps. Please "STEP UP" and put your support into action by volunteering to be a cook or a driver. Contact me at and let's provide the support the kids deserve.



Anonymous said...

Not to mention a chance to be a part of a volunteer program that is envied by every corps in DCI!!!!

Colts Volunteers are amazing!!!


David said...

What Bill said.

It's up to you now. Your participation (or lack of it) will help make or break the summer tour for a whole lot of kids.


So, what are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

Still not sure?????

Look at the comment by Scooter.

He's just one of the amazing kids you will be able to meet and help by volunteering.


Anonymous said...

Thank you in advance


Alf said...

Makes me even fly over from Holland, I still have to wait another 3 month's. While you can already be part of it.
Can't wait to be part of it again. I have to admit is an "addiction" cooking for this family!

And did anyone mention it is FUN?!?
It sounds big (6'7"), but it is a lifetime experience.