Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Drill camp photos posted

Photo by Lisa P.
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Lisa has sent in a whole bunch of photos from drill camp in Sterling. (There's a link to her gallery in the right sidebar or click here.) Rod promises to post all his, and I've had other offers to send me photos on disk. Bring 'em on!

(At this rate, you guys don't need me to take pictures anymore.)

Thanks to everyone!

UPDATE: Some pictures in the gallery were removed pending an official announcement.


Anonymous said...

David - Don't stop taking pictures! Your focus is much better than mine!! We'll just fill in the cracks!! Thanks for posting! Lisa

Anonymous said...

We still need you tons - you guys were missed this weekend. Need to see YOU, David, pop up in all kinds of places taking pictures.

It was a good weekend, being able to see everyone again. Sleeping on the floor above the concession stand was like being on tour - getting used to all the buildings noises and the constant train traffic. I felt right at home - my second family home. Food was great as usual, you'd never know that we cooked in a "concession stand" and used roasters (and microwaves).

All the drill the kids learned so far and performed for us was "wow"!! I can't chew gum, walk and talk at the same time. I'm always amazed at how they know where to be and, oh by the way, play music too. I can't wait to see the progress - I'm really excited for this season!!

Thanks to all of you who cooked, served, cleaned, washed, emptied garbage cans, swept, measured, pinned, altered, sewed, ironed, played volleyball...thanks to "Penelopher" for getting "take out" Chicken George.

Even though we don't have anyone marching for the third year in a row I wouldn't miss any of this especially when one of the kids just hugs you for no apparent reason other than you're there!

If you CAN'T be on tour with these amazingly talented kids and work beside all the wonderful volunteers you could possibly meet, I'm sorry. BUT if you WON'T go on tour-you will miss something you might not capture ever again and that - I SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!....Luba

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Lisa for sharing all her pictures of a great drill camp.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped in any way.... Your time and effort was greatly appreciated.The Colts are lucky to have all of you on the RED TEAM.

There was a lot of discussions about helping on tour. Thank you to those who set up their travel time and If you haven't had the chance to talk with Bill please E-mail him.