Sunday, April 01, 2007

Send me a camp report, please

Hey, since we couldn't make it to drill camp, you all need to send me your own camp reports so I can post. I have the weekend schedule (thanks Mike) and am posting that, but you guys need to give me menus and other details.

Sterling Camp Schedule 2007

8:00 PM Move in equipment
• Semi will be parked at building 3
• Musical equipment to indoor field in building 1 (main building)
• Food to building 3 concession stand
• Personal items to multi-purpose room in main building (building 1)
• Uniform fitting & sewing will be in building 3

**Field marking crew- start marking field w/blue painting tape on indoor field- full field.

8:30 PM REGISTRATION (in main building near multi-purpose room).

9:30 PM Visual in main building indoor field

11:30 PM Snack (in building 3)

12:30 AM Lights out

• Sleeping area in multi-purpose room
• Staff upstairs room above multi-purpose room
• Volunteers—anywhere in building 1

8:00 AM Wake/eat (Please roll up your sleeping bags and place with your stuff along one wall of room)

9:00 AM Cals- Indoor field

9:45 AM Sectionals

12:00 Lunch

1:00 PM Sectionals

2:00 PM Visual- indoor field

5:00 PM Dinner- building 3

6:00 PM Meeting for everyone- indoor field

6:30 PM Visual

10:00 PM Snack in building 3
11:00 PM Lights out


8:00 AM Wake/eat (Roll up bags and move as much of your personal belongings to your vehicles as possible. If you did not drive just place belongings against wall).

9:00 AM Cals.- indoor field

9:45 AM Sectionals- indoor field

10:45 AM Visual

11:30 AM March and play

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Visual ensemble on indoor field

2:45 PM Final run through of show

3:00 PM Final meetings, announcements

3:15 PM – 4:00 PM Clean, pack, load

Next rehearsal is April 27-29 in Dubuque. Debut weekend!

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