Thursday, June 07, 2012

Today is Thursday, June 7
You are at Clear Creek Amana High School, Tiffin, IA

Weather: Sunny and 84. For updated weather go to

Thursday June 7
Clear Creek Amana, Tiffin, IA

7:30        Up
7:40        Cals
8:00        Meal one-shower
9:00        Sectionals stretch
9:15        Rehearsal block one
12:30      Meal Two
1:15        Sectionals stretch
1:30        Rehearsal block two
5:00        Meal Three
6:00        Sectionals stretch
6:15        Rehearsal block three
10:00      Meal Four
11:00      Lights out
11:15      Good night

Serving it up!

Meal 1
French Toast
Sausage Links
Home Fries
Fresh Fruit

Meal 2
Sliggy Burger
Seasoned Potatoes
Mac and Cheese
PB & J/Pickles

Meal 3
Bread Sticks
Garden Salad
PB & J/Pickles

Meal 4
Postcard Pizza
PB & J/Pickles

Crys S.- Head Cook 
Darlene C. 
Bonnie D.
**If you have some free time...would love to have your help! Stop in anytime! 

Stopping to see us? COLTS love fresh fruit! Bananas, pears, grapes, strawberries, oranges and apples seem to be their favorite!  :)

The corps is doing great and enjoying beautiful weather! Everyone is miles of smiles and their first move went well.  Still learning drill, more music and the guard is working hard on their book. A very exciting show this year and is coming along nicely.  Their first Dog and Pony show is Friday at 7:30pm at the Clear Creek Amana High School football stadium (next to the school) 

A very special thank you to Clear Creek Amana High School for housing our beloved corps!

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information. 
Don't forget to stayed tuned to the COLTS Facebook page. It's always busy with fun things!

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