Monday, June 11, 2012

RED TEEEEAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is Monday, June 11th
You are in Belmont, Wisconsin
646 E. Liberty Street
Belmont, WI


Weather: 86 and chance of storms. For updated weather go to

Monday, June 11
Belmont WI

9:00        Up
9:10        Cals
9:30        Meal one/shower
10:30      Sectional stretch
10:45      Rehearsal block one
1:30        Meal Two
2:15        Sectional stretch
2:30        Rehearsal block two
5:30        Meal three
6:30        Sectional stretch
6:45        Rehearsal block three
10:00      Meal four
11:00      Lights out
11:15      Good night COLTS! 

Christmas Theme

Meal 1- 
Scrambled Eggs
Bagels with cream cheese
Yogurt Parfait
Orange Juice

Meal 2-
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Fruit Cup
Pasta Salad

Meal 3-
Mexican Lasagna
Green Salad

Meal 4- 
Baked Potato Bar
Christmas Cake

Judy H.- Head Cook
Crys S.- arrives evening
Gary M.
Mindy C.
MaryBeth C.
Nancy and John W help

COLTS enjoyed their free evening in Dubuque with down time at the mall and movie theatre. Much deserved rest before they are back at it again tomorrow. Belmont Brass and Brats performance tuesday night at 7:30 with COLTS and COLT CADETS!

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information. 
Don't forget to stayed tuned to the COLTS Facebook page. It's always busy with fun things!

Drivers Needed for Colts Tour
June 5, 2012
From: Greg
We need van and souvenir box truck drivers for some or all of the summer tour!What a great way to see the country - from inside a DCI world-class drum corps!
Spend a week or a couple of weeks!
We're looking for drivers beginning June 23 through August 8. Some or all of the tour will work!
The souvenir truck driving position is a paid position, and the van driving can be a paid position for someone who will sign on for a significant portion of the tour.
Contact Greg Orwoll at or on cell phone at 563-564-9156 for more information!
You must have a decent driving record, with no impaired driving convictions and must be willing to take a drug test.
You must be age 22 or older. Some additional duties will be assigned in addition to driving, but driving safely, mostly at night, is the first priority of this role. You must be able to drive safely and alertly at night!

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