Monday, April 25, 2005

April Was Awesome

Sunday's Debut performance was the cap on a terrific weekend for the Colts. (It could have been a little warmer and less wind, especially Saturday when the corps wanted to get a lot of drill work done outside...brrrrrrrrrrrr)

Corps members put in a lot of work, and then wowed a big crowd at Dubuque Senior High with a performance of all the music from the 2005 show "Postcards From Home." The colorguard provided the visual part of the show by backing the opener using actual show flags for 2005. I got goosebumps -- and I was on the backfield side of the gym for the first half of the show. And I tell you, they're going to bring me to tears yet with 'Til There Was You." What power. What emotion.

Had anybody else figured out that Greg had pulled in a ringer before "the voice of DCI" Brandt Crocker began his trademark introduction on Sunday afternoon? I recognized him, but it was still great to hear his "THE Colts" ring out in the gym.

Thanks to all the volunteers for all their help. So much got done this weekend, I'm not sure I could list it all. I took notes while I was there, but I'm sure I missed something. A partial list includes:
All those who worked long hours Saturday so the Colts would have a set of 2005 show flags to use Sunday afternoon. And who sewed practice flags and souvie flags.

"Jim's crew" that replaced the floor in the walk-in freezer and refrigerator on the genuine cooktruck, built a new bread rack and new shelves, cleaned, painted, reinforced, tested, replaced pipe, attached faucets, moved cabinet doors, etc. They also reinforced a shelf and built a new drum carrier rack for the equipment truck.

Program folders.

Those that attended Saturday's board meeting.

Rifle tapers.

Uniform fitters and those who sewed uniforms.

Barry's cooktruck grill cleaning. Who knew it was supposed to be silver all the time?

Chris the knife sharpener.

The cooktruck fixup crew that came inside Saturday night and helped repair triangles on shakos.

Sunday's super souvie sellers.

Luba for measuring prospective guard members.

Bob and Mary for all their help and hugs and for just being Bob and Mary. (Love you guys.)

And the cooks. What superlatives can you use that would be worthy of Colts cooks?

Here's the weekend menu. Thanks to all the cooks who made it great.

Friday snack
Corn dogs
Peanut butter and jelly

Saturday breakfast
Egg McMona
Peanut butter and jelly

Saturday lunch
Cheeseburger turnovers
Green beans
Take Along Cake
Peanut butter and jelly

Saturday dinner
Chicken Parmesan/Spaghetti
Salad (which was very beautiful as well as yummy)
Peanut butter and jelly

Saturday snack
Ice cream sundaes
Peanut butter and jelly

Sunday breakfast
Choice of 3 kinds of muffins
Fruit cups
Peanut butter and jelly

Sunday lunch
DIY sack lunch


Anonymous said...

Oh...I so wish I could have been there! Sounds like lots was started and accomplished. Hope to get down for Memorial Day Camp so I too can get goosebumps listening to "Till there was you".

I look forward to pictures galore....

Jody Glowaski

Anonymous said...

It was a great much accomplished on the trucks - the bread cabinet has been replaced with wonderful shelves. Barry, the grill looks like new, your elbow grease paid off. The floor in the freezer and fridge is white. The guys working on the trucks had to brave a really cold windy couple of days but they were up to it. Cheers to those involved in the midnite sewing of the "gear" flags, it was a nice surprise to see them in the Debut. I'm looking forward to the next camp already...happy birthday again to Dana, Shane and Phil!!! Thanks for the cupcake...Luba