Friday, April 08, 2005

Welcome to the new virtual cooktruck

Well, it's really the old Virtual Cooktruck, just cleaned up, expanded, and readied for the 2005 season. (If it were only this easy to get the real cooktruck ready!)

The move was so easy thanks to webmaster Katherine Eichhorn. She got our new home here at ready for us and helped (helped, hell, she just did it) move it over here.

We now have all the space we need for maps, reports, menus, pictures, and maybe even an audio report or two from the road this summer. No more having to stash pictures in free photo-hosting all over the net or stealing bandwidth from my high school band's webpage. -- I'd never do that. They gladly donated the excess bandwidth. Really, they don't use that much in the summertime anyway. I know the webmaster personally ;) --

Let's get 2005 on the road. All we need now is for YOU to volunteer to come along.



Anonymous said...

If only the virtual souvie truck were this nice ;)


Katherine said...

Special thanks also to webmaster Ricky Fritzsching, and DCI to providing the Colts the webhosting and Ricky's expertise for free!

David said...

Thanks, Katherine, for pointing out the contributions of Ricky and DCI. I didn't know Ricky's name or I would have done that myself.
I really appreciate everything that everyone had done to support this.

Dana said...

we have the post amazing parents in the world!!!

Rod said...

Very cool!