Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Colts in Japan

Hello! Just a quick update and some pictures from Japan!
This last weekend was Drum Corps Japan finals. I ventured over to Tokyo to see them. Here is a picture of retreat. Yoko (tuba, 2003) is the vis caption head of a corps from Osaka. They did very well this weekend!! DCJ has their I&E competition later, so I will be joining the corps starting next weekend to rehearse. Also, there are two girls from this drum corps who are planning on going to Dubuque in December for auditions.
Also, I have been lucky enough to see Yuka, Junya, and Mayumi a few times. I have also emailed Kana, but both of our schedules have been too busy so far to find time to get together.
Enjoy banquet this month!
~Katie Peak

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