Saturday, November 03, 2007

Where are we today - weekend edition

Yes, Friday's photo was taken in Varna, Illinois. Congrats to everyone with the right answer. Today's is a bit harder, I think. Just like the New York Times Crossword puzzle on the weekends. So let's play, Where Are We Today?


I'll have the answer and another puzzle Monday.



Kendall said...

If I do believe correctly, that picture was taken in Manasha Wisconsin. But I could certainly be wrong...Something about the thing on the roof of the building reminds me of it.


Doug said...

Was it in Michigan City? I remember the huge freakin' trees that got in our way...


Kendall said...

Actually, crap...Idk why I said Manasha because we haven't performed there in 4 years...I meant to say Menomonie Wisconsin...I hope the first one wasen't my final answer!!!

Peg L said...

Menomonie Wisc. in June