Monday, November 05, 2007

WHO are we today?

This from our friend Peter Hansen in Kansas. The quiz question will follow the text of his email::


Two photos attached - the first is Bryce, Chris, and Keenan at the Colts info booth at the KU Marching Festival Oct 27 in Lawrence, KS. We didn't sell a lot of t-shirts, but got good visibility with a lot of band members and passed out quite a few info packets. Jackie Paschang and Carol Lowman were also around (and Jackie supposedly has a picture of all five of them) but were off helping run the overall event most of the day. Lisa Paschang was manning the entry gate along with Debbie and Brock Lowman, Steve Paschang was doing whatever needed doing, Greg was on the field judging, John Wickersham was there with the band that he teaches, so with my wife and I and all of them it was quite the Colts get-together. We finished the evening with pizza and refreshments at a local watering hole.

Peter Hansen

Now for the quiz. Take a close look at the musical ensemble below. Especially the uniforms. Recognize them? Here's a hint -- it's not The Colts. Our friends who saw them in Lawrence might have an advantage here. Does anyone have a guess?


Kendall had the weekend question right. That photo was from the pre-show huddle in Menomonie, WI. The sculpture on the roof is really the only clue.


Lisa said...

I've been waiting and since there are no postings...
Looks like Ft _ _ _ _ _ high school from Ft _ _ _ _ _, KS. Maybe this will help the folks not in the land of ahhhs.

Diana said...

Hey, Lisa. I am going to guess Ft. Osage from Ft. Osage. But, are they in Kansas? Diana