Friday, July 15, 2011


SAYDEL High School, Des Moines Iowa
Thank you Saydel for housing our COLTS!


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Today's Schedule:

730 am- wake/breakfast
8 am-staff meeting
830 am- stretch
9 am- sectionals
1130 am- eat
1230 pm- visual/ensemble
430 pm- eat
530 pm- visual/ensemble
815 pm- run thru
830 pm- eat/pack/load
1030 pm- depart for housing site
**Housing Site- St. Croix Luthern High School 1200 Oakdale Ave., West St. Paul, MN

Food made your way!
meal 1 ~ bagel with cream cheese/sausage/grapes
meal 2 ~pasta salad/must goes
meal 3 ~ rice bowl with chicken and beef fajita
meal 4~ must goes/chili, chips and cheese

Your hard working cooks this week:
Jody G.- Head Cook
Terry E.
Bill & Luba S.
Bill & Lisa Mc.
Jill H.


Today's News:

Message from Mike Freeland: Just an update from the road! Change camp has brought some pretty fun show changes, a new bus, and a whole lot of excitement. The pit continues its Americana hype with the addition of a new 6' American flag, compliments of the Air National Guard in Wichita, KS. I watched ensemble for the first time in a while last night and was floored with the guards work. The depth of emotion in the show is incredible! The drumline's spirits are high and the hornline keeps finding new levels of performance that make me wish I was able to march again. One of our interns, Kate Hughes, stepped into the cooktruck and with the help of the rest of the admin and some volunteers, prepared a wonderful "breakfast for dinner" that was enjoyed by everyone. Outside of that, we are excited to hit the regional part of the season but can't believe there is only 4 weeks left of this amazing summer! I hope all is well back home, thanks for the continued support!!!

Planning on catching up with the corps anytime? They love fresh fruits, veggies and cookies! Donations are always welcome....and the COLTS thank you for it! :)

Don't forget your mail drop!

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

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