Monday, July 18, 2011

MONDAY July 18 - It's a Show Day

We are in Olathe, KS


Look at what COLTS are up to today:
8 am- Wake/meal #1
9 am- Stretch
930 am- Visual
1245 pm- Meal #2
145 pm- Sectionals
3 pm- Visual with music
4 pm- Fresh fruit break (meal 2 1/2???)
415 pm- Ensemble
510 pm- Run through
530 pm- Meal #3, pack and load
7 pm- Watch Colt Cadets
740 pm- Warm up
928 pm- Gate
943 pm- Performance
1030 pm- Meal #4
1230 am- Depart for West Fork, AR

Here's the menu
Meal 1 - Waffles w/ strawberry topping and whipped cream, sausage, fruit and must goes on the breakfast items
Meal 2 - Ham patty, homemade coleslaw, fruit, cookie
Meal 3 - Pita bar with seasoned chicken, seasoned fries, Italian pasta salad and watermelon
Meal 4 - Macaroni and cheese, corn dogs and burgers

Crys S.- Head Cook
Tammy M.
Michelle R.
Greg H.
Bill T.
Mary B. arrives
Jim N.
Mark + Teresa Smith help

Today's News:
Crys says it is a tad warm today. Lots of fruit, cookies and vegetable donated. THANKS TO ALL DONORS!!

The kids really appreciate any donations of fresh fruit and vegetables. When they see it on the counter when coming through the line, it makes their day.

The water jug washing took place last week and tonight the mouthpiece boil will happen.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

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