Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Today is Wednesday May 29th- it's a rehearsal day

You are at Loras College, Dubuque Iowa

Forecast: 82, scattered thunderstorms
For an updated forecast:

7am- wake and meal 1
8am- stretch/cals
830am- sectionals
12- meal 2
1pm- visual
5pm- meal 3
6pm- sectionals
9pm- elvis singing
10pm- meal 4
1130pm- lights out- good night COLTS!

What's Cookin!

Wednesday- Meal 1
Sausage link

Wednesday Meal 2
Deli Day
Ham/turkey/cheese Sammie
Chips and Granola Bar
Pork and Beans
Pasta Salad
PB & J/Pickles/Juice

Wednesday Meal 3
Thanksgiving Dinner! 
Turkey and Dressing
Green Bean Casserole
Jello with fruit
PB & J/Pickles/Juice

Wednesday Meal 4
Garlic Toast
PB & J/Pickles/Juice

Your Cooks:
Bill S
Teresa S- leaves 
Mark M
Darlene C
Sandy N
Larry N- the go to guy! 

**FUN FACT!** Over Memorial Weekend 6 members from the 1974? National Champions COLTS Color Guard came in to speak to the corps. They spoke to them what it was like then, how it felt to carry the title and were given their triangles. What an awesome moment for all!

Corps is working extremely hard and are already learning drill for the song #2! GREAT JOB COLTS!

Stopping in to see the corps?? When you visit the Colts on tour, get to our housing site as early in the day as you can to give us a hand. And, when you come, please consider bringing 300 homemade cookies (your kids favorite is great) and/or fresh fruit or vegetables for 200!  Feel free to bring bananas or any other fresh fruit! They love it! 

We need your help for tour! There are still spots on the summer calendar that need to be filled! Parents, if you are able to help during the summer or have any questions, please contact Bill Symoniak by calling 651-470-3553 or email A great experience for your member is up to you! You won't want to miss out! 

Stay tuned to for updated information! 


Alf said...

I can even hear those pots and pans rattling overhere. Go crew!!
I hope more people feel free to drop by and help out. 3 man crew is hard work feeding the kids. They eat like roaches putting so much energy on the field!

Marcia D. said...

Thanks for the blog. I'll be following all summer. Hello to my nephew, Patrick McGehee!!

Marcia D. said...

Thanks for the blog. I will be following you all summer. Hello to my nephew, Patrick McGehee!!