Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday May 28th- It's a Rehearsal Day!



Today is Tuesday May 28th- it's a rehearsal day

You are at Loras College, Dubuque Iowa

Forecast: 70, partly sunny
For an updated forecast, go here:  http://www.weather.com/weather/today/Dubuque+IA+USIA0248:1:US

What's Cookin!

  Meal #1
Egg Burrito with shredded cheddar
Hash Browns with cheese slice
PB & J/Pickles/Juice

Meal #2
PB & J/Pickles/Juice

Meal #3
“Beef” Stew with mixed veggies served over Mashed Potatoes
PB & J/Pickles/Juice

Meal #4
Chicken Stir Fry
Egg Rolls
PB & J/Pickles/Juice

Your Cooks:
Bill S
Teresa S
Mark M
Tim G- leaves after 4
Susan G- leaves after 4

The corps left their mark with the debut of the new uniforms and show music at the Memorial Day parade and afternoon performance. It was a  full crowd who was excited about what the corps was offering. BRAVO! Although it was a bit rainy, all went off well. 

As for today, the corps is very upbeat and digging hard on learning drill, music and the guard book. The staff is extremely excited for the season. Kid's are doing great and "eating very well." I think I speak for us all when we say we are waiting as patiently as we can to see the final product on the field. :) 

To our seamstresses.....thank you is simply not enough. Your endless hours this weekend getting the corps fitted and ready to go down the street for the first time was a beautiful sight. THANK YOU! 

THANK YOU to the countless volunteers who helped make this weekend go smoothly! We couldn't do it without you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

Stopping in to see the corps?? Feel free to bring bananas! 

Want to help? We have spots still open on the cooktruck! All information available at www.colts.org  Contact Bill S today! You won't want to miss out! 

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