Monday, January 17, 2005

Camp was great. Cold, but great


I know, I know. It's January. It's Iowa. It's cold. It's redundant to say so.

(Hush, Bill. Not everyone is from Minnesota and thinks that minus-8 is balmy)

A cold camp but a good one. Some new faces and some familiar ones we hadn't seen yet for the 2005 season. Looks like there's going to be a solid lineup of vets and a crop of talented new rookies -- both in the corps and among the volunteers.

More to report later. And there'll be pictures. Later in the week. I hope. There was a lot going on this weekend and lots of hands to help which meant lots more time for me to take pictures -- which means lots more time to sort through and process the best ones once I get home!

For now, you'll have to make do with the menu for the weekend. But before that, thanks to all the great help in the kitchen and sewing flags this weekend. Not a whole lot could be done at the Colts Center because of the Saturday afternoon wedding reception, but the concession area got a real good cleaning and the building crew did some toward cleaning up the water leakage (carpet damage in part of the Colts office) and preventing it from happening again. I don't know what all got done with that because I wasn't down there very much. Oh yeah, prospective guard members got photographed and measured (I think we are up to 50 now that we've done), instruments got inventoried (and some of the new Yamahas went home with Colts), souvies got sorted and sold, and lots of other stuff got planned for future camps. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Colts January Camp 2005

Friday Night Snack
Beef nachos

Saturday Breakfast
Egg casserole
Hashbrown patties
Chocolate-chip muffins

Saturday Lunch
Sub sandwich
Green bean casserole
Jell-O with fruit

Saturday Dinner
Spaghetti (yum, thanks Jody Glow! Warm, good and lots of it!)
Lettuce salad
Garlic bread
Carrot cake

Saturday Snack
Ice cream sundaes
Assorted toppings

Sunday Breakfast
Breakfast on a stick (Better than it was on tour last year. No, really)
Cinnamon rolls

Sunday Lunch
Pork sandwich (butt chops)
Baked beans
Apple pie

Thanks to Jody for being a great head cook. And to Polly for such a well run, delicious-food-making operation.

To those of you who weren't there this weekend, PLEASE COME IN FEBRUARY. It's loads of fun and when we have as many good helpers as we had this month, there's time for everyone to take a few minutes and watch the corps members as they build what's looking like an incredible show for 2005. We had so much good help this weekend that even Polly got a few minutes to sit down and watch the color guard work out. And that can't happen without your help!
(stepping down off soapbox now)

Have a good month. We'll see you in February. I know I'll be there......


Anonymous said...

Helloooooo to all you in the Colt family....

Spent the weekend in Dubuque at camp cooking...and feeding all the wonderful staff, parents and kids that attended and helped out. As David was cold...but not as cold as it is in MN -12 this morning !!!! But, back to camp...

I love going and helping in the kitchen. I got to head cook this weekend...but with the wonderful assistance of many, that is such an easy task! It is so fun to work with all the aunts, dads and moms, newbies and vets. War stories abound (hope we haven't scared off any newcomers) and memories become vivid in our eyes of years past.....

I got asked by many vets what I was doing see, my son aged out last year...but I did not, and don't plan to any time soon! I love doing the camps and working on the cooktruck. These kids and staff do such a fantastic job and work so is my pleasure to give back a little of my time.

Please, consider attending a camp with your child...see how well it is run, and how much fun all involved can have. And if you have a few spare moments while you are there...sign up to do some hour or two helps in many ways.

PS...wait till you hear the music this year! Tears have already been shed by many of us while listening to "Till there was you", the ballad. Many more to come I am sure.

So, back to work...Have a great day everyone.....Those in the northland...stay warm.... Jody Glowaski

Katrina said...


I had to leave early to catch my ride to Bloomington (it's 19 degrees out... not bad, I guess), and I MISSED THE BUTT CHOPS!!!

I love butt chops SO SO much. The most I have eaten in a row was four and a half sandwiches.

The other day in the cafeteria at school we had butt chops. I was so happy!!

I love the cooks. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Katrina is weird for being able to eat 4.5 butt chops in a row!!! blech! I can eat one, but not more!

Anyway, thanks to the cooks for feeding me even though I constantly showed up JUST as they had finished putting everything away. I swear it's not my fault, I was working on the drill (which is a good thing!!!!) :) :)


Anonymous said...

I love the cooks for feeding the vegetarians!!!

<3 Katie Peak

Anonymous said...

Thanks for so many wonderful meals this weekend!! They were delicious!

As far as weather goes...I must say I was in shock!!! I left Texas and it was 45 degrees, I got off the plane in Dubuque and it was -2. I had a great time at camp, but I was very happy to be back to "warmer" weather!!

Can't wait to see everyone later in the season. =)

My mom is going to try and be on tour from San Antonio to Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Katrina missed the butt chops. We missed them, too. Perhaps, Katrina, you can come over to our house and we will make some butt chops for you, or you can give us a call the next time they're served in Read cafeteria.

Jody - I'm glad you're still around even though Adam aged out. Heck, Barry and I never had a child in the corps, and look at us! The corps just can't seem to get rid of us.

Hope to see many of you in March.

- Jim J.