Friday, January 21, 2005

January camp

IMG_0601, originally uploaded by David Speer.

was a blast. An Arctic blast, at times. But still a blast.

I think the Colts' version of 'Til There Was You is going to have more people in tears than Old Man River did last year.

This is an overall corps shot from Sunday afternoon's performance.


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Alf said...

Knowing the original music a little bit and reading about the arctic environment at camp it becomes all clear to me.
People already getting shivers and tears this can only mean one thing:
This show is not cool, but has from a "sub-zero" level.
I can't wait to hear the arrangements, you guys have no idea what an agany it is not being able to be we you. Not hearing and seeing the progress everyone makes. And I don't only refere to the kids only, but also the cooks, volunteers, staff, ... the whole corps.

So David keep bringing on the pictures, it is my lifeline the comming months.