Thursday, January 06, 2005

Colts show announced on

OK, so most of us have known the content of the show since November, but the announcement of the Colts show was posted yesterday on the DCI site. Go HERE to read about it on the website.

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Alf said...

This was the first thing I mentioned at my work while I was checking the colts/cooktruck sites at my work.
None of my collegues understood my reaction, but I jumped up and down when I read about this years program. My second response was I have to go and see this myself. Boss!! I will be gone this summer, back to the states.
Being a huge fan of Leonard Bernstein I was introduced to Copelands repetoire. He was very charmed/inspired by Copelands work. I remember Cadets 1987 show (my favourit) being overwhelmed by the musicality of Copelands work.
With last year working additude and intensity this show promises to become a top show. I can't wait to see it myself. I don't know how it feels to you guy's but I'm cookin' inside with anticipation.
Happy New Year everyone!