Monday, March 28, 2005

Camp in Illinois

I see at that we're traveling to beautiful Sterling, Ill., for drill camp this weekend. That's just one town over from Dixon, Ill., the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan (and the girlhood home of Colts moms Jody and Penny). Anybody else from that area that I don't know about?

I know that the Sterling-Dixon area has been a hotbed of drum corps interest since WAY back -- back when Greg Orwoll was marching even. (I'll probably pay for that comment...) Pre-DCI there was a drum and bugle corps competition at the Dixon Petunia Festival every July 4th.

Haven't been to the Westwood facility in Sterling myself but Jody's mom told her last night that it's "some place." Should be interesting. I haven't heard a lot of details for the weekend (any more than you can get by going to but there's supposed to be more info on the website today.

I'm sure there'll be plenty for volunteers to do........


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Anonymous said...

my mom's hometown is dixon..and her name is penny not sure if thats the penny u were referring too or not....Jeff Decker