Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Letter from Mee Hee

It has been a long time since I have been with my family since I aged
out last summer. I hear about all the new things happening with the
Colts and I can't lie...I am severely jealous and I miss the family so
much. Life does go on after you become an ageout and an alumus of
Drum Corps but it is so hard!! I wanted to thank so many of the support staff
for making my years so memorable.. I remember being a
rookie in 2000 and being much like an absorbent sponge you all use to
wash dishes on the was a whole new world that was opened to
me. Now that I have "asianed" out....I find myself trying very hard
to connect back with my closest friends from my years. After I aged
out I asked myself..What now? Where do I go from here? What am I
going to do this next summer? Well it was a new dilemma to face...

I am happy to tell all of you that I will be getting my B.S. in
Biological Sciences in May from the University of Illinois at Chicago
and plan to pursue my masters in either medical science or biomedical
science within a year or two. Then plan to specialize in blood bank
technology. And most importantly.. I would like to volunteer this
summer.. I'll have to get in touch with Greg and Polly on that
one..but I will try my hardest to be on tour...and this time.. I will
be able to really know what goes on when the members practice and the
cooks "cook."

I am helping with finding a recipient of the sponsorship that I had
last year with my sponsors..we are having an official meeting April
15 to decide criteria and then select a deserving member.. I am very
excited to a part of the selection committee for something that
impacted me so much my age out summer. If you all haven't seen the fanfare column here is the link.
It would mean a lot to me if you would check it's my little
story and how my sponsors became a part of my life. I still cry
reading over those e-mails...YES!! I am still am emotional
basketcase...speaking of that...Did anyone tape the ageout speeches in
Denver after the Colts last rehearsal? I would love to see myself
choke and babble over my tears...what a great memory...I still don't
remember everything I could i? I was a complete wreck but
I had good reason.

I was recently asked to be a part of a div. 1 drum corps staff. I
went to a camp.. and things went alright but the entire time being
there I couldn't stop thinking of the Colts. WOW...we really have it
figured out at the colts..I went to the food line and was shocked!!
were was my blue jello? Where was the kick ass spaghetti? Where was
the good cereal? I settled for coffee and a bagel...I am not certain
what my future is with them.. nothing has been finalized..I am not
sure if I will take the position.. As much as I love to teach and
share what I have learned from my years of heart was
not there at the time...and I'm not sure if it ever will be
there...not after experiencing a great program like ours..There really
is a lot of heart in our corps.. I always knew that..but going to a
different place with an organization that was not as fortunate as
ours...made me really see it. I thank God that we had Cinnamon roll
oatmeal on tour!! =) that was my favorite!!! (still is)

To all the new volunteers!! Every one of you really make a
difference...Everything that you do for the Colts impact every single
person involved with the organization and even outside our immediate
organization. I know several drum corps call us "country club" I
can't disagree completely..we do get our real brand cereal and do get
to have cell phones on tour...and did I mention the 5-star rated
cuisines everyday of tour? yeah...the members to have it good...but
that's only because we have/had the best volunteers with us all the

Mee Hee Kim
Colts Alumni (2000,2003,2004)


Anonymous said...

Mee Hee,

I recorded sound of the age out speeches. I don't have a lot of time to do anything with it yet because it's on minidisc and I don't know how yet to make an audio file out of it, but yeah, I have it for future reference.

Kent Lineberry

Alf said...

Mee Hee,

I have some moving pictures and sound on my videocamera.
The only problem is that I didn't have a chance yet to put it on a disc yet. Hopefully in April I will get a PC which will be strong enough. So get in touch, as I remember I taped every speach.
You can find my mail in the alumni at colts site.

Olaf "Alf" Nahon
Colts Cook, I hope to see you this summer