Friday, March 11, 2005

It's camp day!

March is shaping up as a pretty awesome camp, from what I've heard. Some of you may be surprised by which volunteers are at camp and which ones are not. I won't spoil it; you'll have to show up to find out.

The update at says to bring old clothes to work at the Colts Center this weekend. They're tearing out the ceiling. And bring sewing machines for flag sewing and the start of uniform fitting. Summer is coming fast......

We're having a busy band weekend at home, so Jody and Aaron won't get there until Sunday morning. Sebastian is coming to Des Moines to pick me up Friday afternoon, so we'll be there all weekend. My sweet Jody is the best. She said, "You go. You want to see all of them so much," and volunteered to stay home and coordinate dogs and band competitions and boys coming home for spring break and then drive to Dubuque at 5 in the morning on Sunday. Whatta woman.

I'm sure all of you have similar stories of juggling home and corps. I just figure, you do it 'cause you love it. And the kids.

The revisions on the Colts Volunteer Handbook for 2005 are all in. (Yes! I did make it by March camp!) Vicki will have some printed copies at camp. But you can have your own if you go to and click on the link at the right side of the page under Quick Links that says Colts Volunteer Handbook. That will download a pdf file to your computer. Print your own copy and bring it along.

And I have to acknowledge the hard work put in by Dan Knopoff on the original edition of the handbook last year and the revisions and suggestions made by Polly, my Jody, Jody Glow, and Marlin on this year's update. I'm truly standing on the shoulders of giants. (In the case of Dan, literally)


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Anonymous said...

David, great care and feeding on the handbook. I especially liked the part about the new gardens. Oh wait, that's your other other job. And thanks for the kind words. I'm glad "the baby" is in great hands.