Monday, March 21, 2005

What was that again?

ColtsMarch0003, originally uploaded by David Speer.

This is from Friday night's jazzy viz rehearsal. I don't think some of the Colts could believe what they were seeing.

Heard from Bill and Rod over the weekend. Is there anybody else out there? Easter weekend and then another camp. Yay!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Cooktruck...

I am enjoying the daily pictures as I grind here at the old job. I won't be able to see or hear our Colts until the first week of Cornfield when I will be happily cooking for the masses.

So keep us up on the recent happenings of life in the Colt world...we all appreciate it so much!!!!!

Have a great day everyone...
Jody Glow

Anonymous said...

Yes, David, I'm here! I probably don't want to admit how often I check in, it would be too embarrassing! But what else am I to do when I have too many conflicts to make it to camp more than once every three months? (Who invented that WGI stuff anyway?) So I enjoy the photos AND the text every chance I get, thank you very much!

hugs all around