Monday, November 27, 2006

Order Your Banquet DVD

Greetings Colts!

I was excited to see the positive response to this years banquet
video. I just wanted everyone to know that what you saw is only part
of what is included on the DVD you can order from the Colts office.
On the DVD you will see...

More than an hour and a half of content including:
Colt Cadets Banquet Video
Colt Cadets 2006 Finals Performance
Even more Colt Cadets pictures and music than what was shown at banquet
Colt Cadets Indy Show
Colts Banquet Video
Slideshow of pictures submitted by members
Portions of the brass quarterfinals warmup
Portions of the drumline semifinals warmup
The final run though (which is an excellent performance btw)
And some other Colts extras!

It's also worth noting that the semis performance on the Banquet DVD
is a different edit than what is on the DCI DVD.
I encourage you to purchase a Banquet DVD from the office asap!

The banquet video is available from the Colts office by emailing
Vicki at

Thanks, and I'll see you at camp.

Nic Champagne


Anonymous said...


I know alot of us didn't get to tell you want a fabulous job you did on the is such a keepsake for all the Colt family of the 2006 season. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

So...I was also one of the ones (tooooo busy visiting) that did not get to order the DVD...that got taken care of this morning...

Thank you again for helping us relive the wonderful memories of the 2006 season. Jody Glowaski

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nic!

The video brought back memories of a great 2006 - can't wait to see how you could have topped what we saw at banquet.

Thanks much for the wonderful family keepsake.

We'll be back to add 2007 to our collection....