Tuesday, November 14, 2006


CT (Chris Tanner) correctly identified the school we stayed at outside Wichita Falls. The school was Windthorst. And indeed, as CT says in his comment, the fields were right by a cemetery. I tried to get a shot (I took the one in the basketball court, by the way) of the cemetery and the corps, but it didn't work.

I remember a lot about this place. Something about the way the land was shared meant that the school district owned the land during the week and the church owned it on the weekends. Or something like that.

I walked down to take a picture of the bank sign that said 100 degrees and realized that I'd been back on tour for like 5 days then, all of them over 100 degrees and all of them in Texas. I remember thinking, "I don't mind being hot for another day, but I'd sure like to be hot somewhere other than Texas for a change."



Anonymous said...

Don't forget the mini-tornado dust storm that came out of no-where and blew through rehearsal, and sent chairs flying at the hornline while the guard stood in shock!

And as another side note - being hot in Texas is better than being in Alabama! =) Gotta love Texas!


Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! That was one of the weirdest things I saw on tour. It sent chairs flying past all of our heads and Mike Grimes yelled "GET DOWN!!!" Now that I think about it, it was almost the same type of event like you descibed in Alabama and the lightning. I see a trend.


Anonymous said...

Was that the place with all the crickets?