Friday, August 17, 2007

Finals gallery

Photo by David S.

A gallery of photos from just before, during, and just after the Colts finals performance in the Rose Bowl has been posted. There will be lots more galleries posted -- but in no particular order and on no particular timetable. So check back often. I did these first because I figured they were what a lot of people wanted to see.



Anonymous said...

David - you are my HERO!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. I had to use more Kleenex at the end of the post.

suzanne said...

Thank you, David.

I viewed the finals pictures at work and my boss asked if they were of my family.

I said yes.


LeAnn said...

I was standing next to you when you took that picture of Jude!!!

ctomsa said...

Wow, David! You had me at the first photo.

What a wonderful gallery of finals phots, exactly capturing the event from up close and personal. Do you own stock in Kleenex?

Thanks for the great work and the wonderful memories!

Chris Tomsa

ctomsa said...


Wow! What a great gallery of finals photos, exactly capturing the event from up close and personal. I was really reliving the event. Tell me, do you own stock in Kleenex?

Thanks for the great work, and for capturing the memories!

Chris Tomsa

How 'bout dem Colts?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks David for the great Finals pictures and to the Lowmans for some amazing photos also.

Thank you again to everyone who volunteered the time to help with this years camps and tour. It doesn't matter if you built something,fitted uniforms,put flags together,checked in kids for camp,folded flyers,cooked, etc. Any time you spent helping was greatly appreciated.
It always shocks me how The Colts families and friends always respond so quickly when there is a need posted on the Virtual Cooktruck. The donations just kept coming this year. (WOW)Thank You all for that.

It's hard to believe that it has been over for more than a week. The pictures bring back all the great memories of a fantastic show performed by the best kids around.

To the entire Staff all I can say is you were AMAZING.