Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today is Sunday, Aug. 5; it's a show day

We are in San Diego, CA

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Today's Menu

French Toast
Twist Donuts
Banana Nut Muffins
Sausage Links

Fish or Chicken Sandwich
French Fries

Teriyaki Chicken
Spaghetti Noodles
Vegetable of Some Kind
Stephen's Birthday Ice Cream – leftover from yesterday due to rain-out

Photo by David S.

Today's Schedule
10:30 Wake
10:45 Stretch
11:15 Breakfast
12:00 Warm-up
12:45 Ensemble
2:30 Lunch, pack and load
4:15 Depart
5:00 Warm-up
7:00 Gate
7:19 Performance; return to housing site after performance
9:15 Dinner
10:30 Corps meeting
11:00 Lights out

Today's Cooks
Jody G., head cook
Lori C.
Diane H.
Jim J.
Lisa P.

Today's News
Happy Birthday, Brian L.

Unusual show last night – Colts got on the field; started the opener and got to David’s solo … and were called off the field due to a downpour. We waited about 20 minutes, re-took the field and did the show.

Take 2 was filled with lots of energy and was a great show; some problems due to conditions – still raining, wet and windy.

Arrived a little late in San Diego but Jim said, “It’s a gorgeous day in sunny California. Warm, not sweltering, and NO FLIES.”

Lauren R. sewing

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

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Anonymous said...

Just came off of 10 days on tour and wanted to add some personal notes. The effort and dedication shown by our kids never fails to amaze me. They go out and rehearse and perform with all kinds of sore muscles, sunburn, bruises, and a long list of other minor and not so minor challenges. And they turn in amazing performances night after night!

The El Paso show deserves a few more comments. Reading the Cook Truck it was described as a fantastic show, but that hardly begins to describe the energy in the stadium. The crowd was probably 4,000-5,000 with a lot of local band kids. They cheered and clapped throughout the show and then hushed each other so that they wouldn’t miss anything.

The Colts were on first as Southwind had some kind of transportation problem and part of their corps arrived late. Our guys started with their usual cheer in the back corner of the field. The crowd heard that and immediately started cheering back at the corps. The opener went great with the sudden hush as the corps turned for the first big hit and then the cheering erupted again. On and on through the show – laughing at the right times, going nuts for the horn moves and going wild at the end. Apparently the corps could even hear the cheering while they were playing the triple forte “rotation” during the closer.

Afterwards I asked one member how it felt and he said that he had tears running down his cheeks as they marched off! All in all quite a night – I don’t think many of the fans in the audience knew much about the Colts but they do now - the Red Team started the evening off with a bang. It made the hours of driving through an immense thunderstorm on the way from Lubbock worth every minute. (I now understand the concept of flash flooding much better than I did before.) Not that it matters but my placements for the evening would have been Crown, Cavies, Colts, Crusaders and Southwind.

And every so often on tour there is some unexpected humor. Driving into the town where we stayed on the day of the Columbia show we were on a narrow residential street and apparently were a surprise to some people. The look on the look on the face of the woman in her pink housedress was priceless. She stood in her driveway with her newspaper in hand wondering what on earth was going on as the whole caravan drove slowly past. I’m guessing that there is not normally a lot of traffic on her street at 7am on a Sunday.

If you didn’t go on tour with our kids this year you should do so next year – it’s a treat!
Peter Hansen