Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New cook calendar posted

A new cook calendar is available for download by clicking on the link in the right sidebar. Things are really beginning to look good for parts of tour -- we're even full for cooks for a few days already -- but we still need your help in a couple of places.

Bill sends his very sincere thanks to everyone who has volunteered time on tour this summer. He told me to say, "
The members will have much better opportunity to succeed due to the volunteers dedication to the kids, the Corps, and the other cooks."

That said, there's still room for you and time for you to sign up. Contact Bill (the email address is listed on the right side of this page) to get your name on the list and join in the fun!

The beginning and end of July look good. We still need help from the early morning on Sunday, July 8 (Allentown, PA), to Thursday, July 19 (Dallas, TX), and again for the two days leaving San Antonio, TX ,on Sunday, July 22, until we arrive in Lawrence, KS, on Tuesday, July 24.
From then on, we're pretty good until Thursday, August 2 (El Paso, TX), to Saturday, August 4 (Phoenix, AZ).

These are not the only dates that we still have room for you to join in. They're just the most critical "holes" to fill right now!

And remember, we can use your help if you can only stop by to volunteer for a day or two. Every extra hand helps on tour!

Thanks again from Bill and all the rest of us volunteers.

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Jody Glow said...

It was fantastic to see all the new volunteer signups....you guys are great.

But, it is still scary to see days with only 2,3 or even 4 people cooking. I will tell you from experience...that is very difficult to do! So....please keep looking at your calendars and sign up - you won't be sorry.

See you all Memorial Day weekend-----and the fun begins!!!!!

Jody Glow