Monday, May 28, 2007

Today is Monday, May 28; it's Memorial Day

We are in Dubuque, Iowa.

Click here for weather report and forecast for Dubuque, Iowa

Today's Menu

Butt chops

Sub sandwiches

Meal 4
Chicken nuggets
Cottage cheese

Today's Schedule
8:30 am Wake/Eat/Pack/Clean school
10:25 am Get on the buses or into your cars
10:30 am Depart for Colts Center (1101 Central Avenue). If you have a car at Washington, please follow the buses to the Colts Center now. There is no opportunity to return to Washington after the parade.
11:00 am Unload battery and tubas at Colts Center and pit eat immediately. Everyone - take everything for the parade off the bus NOW, including your uniform hanger!
11:30 am Truck and pit to Washington Park and set up. (Truck stays at park). Lunch and dress in ½ uniform
12:15 pm Walk to Jackson Park (Kitchen truck to Platteville)
12:30 pm Sectional warm ups
1:15 pm Full ensemble in Jackson Park
1:30 pm Parade begins-we’re last about 1:45
*2:30 pm Summer Premier Concert!
Load all battery, flags, tubas. Do not load brass. Walk to Colts Center as a group in ½ uniform. (Bass/Tenors please stay to help pit load). Change, hang up and lay uniforms on tables and wait patiently.
*4:30 pm Truck arrives at Colts Center. Load brass instruments and then uniforms on the truck. (Pit-clear aisle first)
5:00 pm Full corps meeting - everyone
5:30 pm Depart for Platteville. If you are leaving a car, follow the designated bus to the lot now for pick up.
*6:00 pm Arrive/completely unload buses
6:45 pm Dinner at food truck. Buses depart.
7:30-9:15 pm Sectionals outdoors.
9:30 pm Visual indoors
11:00 pm Snack
12:00 am Lights out

* Approximate times

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

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