Monday, July 16, 2007


Since I'm going to be away for much of the rest of tour, I will not be able to put together galleries of photos and post them on the website. (I'm leaving Friday for 8 days on tour; then I'm back for 4 days; then gone again for 10 to California)

I'll do up the ones I've already received (thanks Patty) and you can continue to send pictures to and I'll get to them when I can. But "when I can" may not be until I'm back from California after finals.

The best way for us to get pictures posted quicker may be how David O. and Jim M. did it. (See their galleries Oswego by David O., Michigan City by David O., and Varna photos by Jim M. at right) They set up their own online galleries at Yahoo photos and Flickr and just sent me a link to them. That allows you to edit your galleries yourself and allows me to get them posted to the site quicker.

You can make free online galleries at Flickr, Yahoo Photos, snapfish, Kodak, and several other places. It's pretty quick and easy and it will allow us to have more pictures up for the kids to look at when they get home from tour.

Thanks. And please keep shooting.

David and the rest of the Virtual Cooktruck staff

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