Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today is Wednesday, July 25; it's a rehearsal day

We are in Lawrence, KS

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Today's Menu

Scrambled eggs with cheese
Banana nut muffin
Fresh fruit
Meal 2
Vegie pasta salad
Chicken snack wrap
Sliced cucumber and carrots
Meal 3
Lisa’s KC BBQ
Potato salad or cole slaw
Dinner rolls
Meal 4
Choice of Leftovers:
Hamburger or Lunchmeat sandwich
Photo by David S.

Today's Schedule
7:30 Wake
7:45 Stretch
8:15 Meal 1
9:15 Visual
1:15 Meal 2
2:15 Sectionals
5:30 Meal 3
6:30 Warm up
7 Ensemble
9:15 Meal 4, Pack, Load,
11 Depart for HOME SHOW!
Today's Cooks
Jody G., head cook
Jack W.
Donna M.
Peter H. arrives today

Guest cooks Lisa P., Brock L., Debbie L., and Kris S.

Today's News
It’s been fabulous weather in Kansas. Lots of help and donations greeted the corps.Smalls (marched 05) helped out yesterday. Tristan, an ‘06 Glassmen, dropped by and cleaned out the cooktruck and helped. News 6 came and interviewed Mike Grimes and other staff members for a feature on the Colts. And a sure sign of the season winding down on the side of the actual cooktruck--a sheet to correct all your info that the corps has on you (email, phone, address, etc.) and a sheet to sign up about how you are getting back to Iowa from finals. Wow.

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.

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Tristan Moody said...

This is Tristan--just a small clarification: I was actually an '04 GLASSMEN, not an '06 one, but many thanks for the mention!