Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today is Sunday, July 15; it's a show day

We are in Charlotte, NC

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Today's Menu


Meal 2
Fruit cup

Meal 3
Pork patty sandwich
Cheese fries
Cottage cheese or applesauce

Meal 4
Chicken pot pie

Photo by David S.

Today's Schedule
9:30 Wake
9:45 Stretch
10:15 Breakfast
11:15 Vis
12:20 Sectionals/warmup
1:30 Snack (grab-n-go)
1:45 Ensemble
3:15 Lunch/pack/load
5 Depart for show
6 Warmup
7:55 Gate
8:15 Performance
8:55 Dinner
(rest of schedule TK)

Today's Cooks
Lori C, head cook
Carole B.
Mathilda D.
Jack W.

Today's News
Happy Birthday Megan M!

Carole says the corps got a police escort out of town in Monroe (in a good way. Kind of like we did in Michigan City. The traffic control allowed the corps buses, trucks, and vans to get out of town as a unit. Thanks again, Monroe)

Everybody in the Colts road family is pretty happy today, Lori says. The corps was “bouncing all over the place” yesterday before, during, and after the Atlanta show. “They knew they were probably going to play twice, but when it really happened, it was cool.”

Despite an almost total turnover in people, the cooks are “actually ahead of schedule today.” By mid-morning, everything for the day was underway and the cooks were figuring out ways to transport it to the show site. Way to go cooks!

As always, check for the latest official word on tour news, housing sites, mail drops, or other corps information.


Anonymous said...

Look what i came across on the Dci website.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful article... just goes to show how powerful an experience participating in a corps can be. Vicki & Greg should be VERY proud of their impact on others lives.