Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 20

Rehearsal Day: Belmont, Wisconsin
Following last night's great performance, the corps is on it's way to prepare for Summer Premiere and the beginning of the competition season. Our congratulations to the Colt Cadets on a fantastic performance last night as well!

Tonight the corps will move to Muscatine, Iowa.

·         The corps has three special upcoming performances within the next two weeks. Be sure to check the upcoming dates portion at the bottom of the next few posts!

Today's Schedule
7:00 AM – Wake/Eat
8:00 AM – Stretch: Brass/Percussion @ Main Field, Guard @ Field 2
8:30 AM – Full Corps Visual @ Main Field
12:00 PM – Full Corps Lunch
1:00 PM – Sectionals: Brass @ Main Field, Guard @ Field 2, Percussion @ Grassy Area
4:00 PM – Full Corps Dinner
5:00 PM – Full Corps Ensemble Main Field
7:00 PM – Eat/Pack/Load
8:45 PM – Depart for Muscatine, IA
11:45 PM – Arrive/Unload/Lights Out

Considerable clouds this morning. Some decrease in clouds later in the day.
 High 76F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph.

What's Cookin'?

Breakfast:    Sausage Egg McMuffin
Hash Brown Patty

Lunch:          Salisbury Steak
                        Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

Dinner:          Grilled Chicken Sandwich
                        Cheddar Rice with Broccoli

Snack:           Beefy Nachos


Upcoming Dates

·         Friday, June 13th
o    Community Performance
o    Muscatine High School, Muscatine Iowa
o    9:00 PM
o    TV crew will be filming
·         Saturday, June 14th
o    25th Anniversary Celebration for Field of Dreams
o    Field of Dreams Movie Site, Dyersville Iowa
o    Performance 2:00 PM
·         Thursday, June 19th
o    Summer Premiere
o    University of Dubuque

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