Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 32

Rehearsal Day: Fennville, Michigan 

The corps made huge strides yesterday.. as one staff member put it "The total production value of the show has skyrocketed through the roof in just one day". With another rehearsal day at their fingertips, the corps will have everything they need to have an even stronger performance tomorrow in Indiana. 


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                  P.O. Box 515
                  Dubuque, Iowa

Today's Schedule

  7:00 AM - Wake/Eat
  8:00 AM - Stretch [Brass/Percussion @ Field 1, Guard @ Field 2]
  8:30 AM - Visual [Brass/Percussion @ Field 1, Guard @ Field 2]
12:15 PM - Full Corps Lunch
  1:15 PM - Sectionals [Brass @ Field 1, Percussion @ Field 2, Guard @ Field 3]
  5:00 PM - Full Corps Dinner
  6:00 PM - Ensemble @ Field 1 
  7:35 PM - Full Run
  8:00 PM - Eat/Pack/Load
10:00 PM - Depart for Coal City H.S. 
  2:00 AM - Arrive 


Scattered Thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon. A few storms may be severe. 
High 83F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%. 

What's Cookin' ?

Breakfast:     Waffles
                    Sausage Links
                    Scrambled Eggs

Lunch:           Baked BBQ Bacon - Wrapped Chicken 
                     Fruit Cup

Dinner:           Cheeseburger
                      French Fries

Snack:            Loaded Baked Potato Bar
                     - broccoli
                     - beans
                     - shredded cheese
                     - nacho cheese
                     - ham
                     - bacon
                     - onion
                     - etc
                     Chicken Nugget Must-Gos 


Pam Swick 

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