Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 31

Rehearsal Day: Fennville, Michigan 

Following last night's great showing at the Legends Drum Corps Preview, the corps is utilizing the next few rehearsal days to their advantage. The Colts will perform next in Merrillville, Indiana on June 24th. 


  • The corps will formally be presenting new housing and show locations for the upcoming shows within the next few days. Watch the virtual cooktruck for more information. 
  • We are still in need of cooks! Even if you are brand new to volunteering with the Colts; please do not hesitate in asking any questions. We need your help! Email us at and check out the link on the right side of the page! 

Today's Schedule

  7:45 AM - Wake/Eat
  8:45 AM - Stretch [Brass/Percussion @ Field 1, Guard @ Field 2]
  9:15 AM - Visual [Same Locations]
12:30 PM - Lunch [Brass/Percussion]
12:45 PM - Lunch [Guard]
  1:30 PM - Sectionals [Brass @ Field 3, Percussion @ Field 1]
  1:45 PM - Sectionals [Guard @ Field 2]
  5:00 PM - Dinner [Brass/Percussion]
                           Move to High School
  5:15 PM - Dinner [Guard]
                           Move to High School
  6:30 PM - ReWarm [Brass/Percussion @ Field 1]
  6:45 PM - ReStretch [Guard]
  7:00 PM - Ensemble @ Field 1 
  8:35 PM - Full Run
  9:00 PM - Visual @ Field 1 
10:00 PM - Snack/Shower
11:00 PM - Lights Out 


Partly Cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms. 
High around 80F. Winds WSW at 5 - 10 mph. 30% of precipitation. 

What's Cookin' ? 

Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagels

Lunch:      Gary's Rosemary Chicken Casserole

Dinner:     Salisbury Steak
                Mashed Potatoes
               Mixed Veggies

Snack:      Pork Fritters
               Tator Tots 
               Blueberry Parfaits 


Mr. and Mrs. Swick 

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