Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 23 - Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary

Special Performance: Field of Dreams 

The Colts brass line will participate during the intermission between the early game and the celebrity game at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Field of Dreams movie site. There is an entire weekend of events planned. The 72 members of the brass section will perform their parade tune, "March America," to accompany the honor guard of the Dyersville American Legion post, and "The Place Where Dreams Come True" from the Field of Dreams soundtrack.The early game is scheduled to conclude around 2:00 pm. The celebrity game will begin at 2:30 pm. The national anthem will be sung by Dubuque native, and Colts mellophone member Jessica Fuller.

You can see a detailed list of all the events at their website,
This event is open to the public, but anyone wishing to attend must use a shuttle service being provided in Dyersville. Personal vehicles will be prohibited from driving to the Field of Dreams today. 


8:30 am - Corps departs housing site in Muscatine, IA
11:00 am - Corps arrives at Theisen's in Dyersville for sectional rehearsals
1:00 pm - Corps departs Theisen's for the Field of Dreams movie site
2:15 pm (est.) - Colts brass line performs; Jessica Fuller sings national anthem
4:00 pm - Corps departs for laundry
7:45 pm - Corps departs for Walmart
9:00 pm - Corps departs for Central Clinton High School in DeWitt, IA
10:15 pm - Arrival in DeWitt
10:30 pm - Meal 4 served

What's Cookin?

Breakfast:  Sausage Egg Bake
                 Hashbrowns (2)

Lunch:       Ham/Turkey/Cheese Sandwich (2)
                 Granola Bar
                 Fruit Roll Up

Dinner:      On own/ Optional 2nd Sack Lunch as above

Snack:       Bidone Della Spazzatura (Italian Trash Can) Pasta Bake 
                 Garlic Bread

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